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  1. unfortunately thats about it mate - clubs round here seem to be very much based on the match scene. id say by far the best waters are on the warrington and lymm tickets. for the money they are very good value. you could also try prince albert but thats now at 6 year minimum waiting list and is VERY expensive.
  2. if i had a "slapping forehead vigorously" smily, now would be the appropriate time to use it did you take absolutely no notice of the pm i sent you??
  3. got powder wars for xmas (not the kind of thing you would expect to get off your mum ) but havent got round to starting it yet. cocky was a good read - a true career criminal at work. he has just been done again for being the brains behind that jersey drug smuggling ring... "costa del crime" was also a good read - the blurb on the front cover says it all....
  4. i have been using korda for a while now and i have never had any problems with them at all?? every one in every pack has always been razor sharp, never bent or snapped?? im tempted to try the fox as everyone seems to recommend.... problem is, if the korda's are performing well with no issues, i havent really got a valid reason to change??
  5. Maybe you could do a bit of market research on other “similar” syndicates, see what they charge to fish their water? And how many members they have? Might give you a better idea on price/numbers. Don’t forget, there are people who are prepared to pay good money to get in a decent syndicate, especially one with such quality fish, so I wouldn’t automatically assume that “price x” is too expensive… Also... and this isnt always true... but the more money people have invested in the syndicate, the more likely they are too look after it and respect it (no one wants to pay all that money and then loose their place over litter/unsafe rigs etc)
  6. Hi russell, Not too many decent day tickets up here I'm afraid. Most decent waters are controlled by PAAS, warrington, lymm or SOTAs. Stu
  7. Hi guys Let me first say apologies for any bad grammar or spelling in this post - my internet is well And truly goosed and hnce I am using my blackberry for everything at the moment - Very frustrating. My dad dropped the bombshell on me last week that he would like to go to france carp fishing next year. As much as an acomplished angler my dad is he isn't used to whacking a lead 80 yards To the middle of a french carp lake. Now I don't really know much about frnch carping - never been and haven't researched it before, so I'm kind of looking for ideas.... So on that basis I'll be looking for a lake that's not massive in size (prob 8-10 acres max) with a good head of 20's and 30's, and within the brittany or normandy regions. Or no more than 4 or 5 hours from a ferry crossing.... I'm going to have a good scavenge round the french threads to see what I can find but if anyone else has any recommendations then it would be appreciated. Thanks Stu
  8. thanks for the advice dazc, much appreciated. i generally fish particles anyway so hopefully i might have a chance of a reasonable session. its been a long time since i have been up there so il be happy if i can just get a few bites.
  9. Hi guys, has anyone fished Llyn Gweryd recently? And if so how did you get on? Off for a 48 hour this weekend and just wondered if anyone had any info as to how its been fishing.
  10. sounds good jon - dont mind travelling an hour or so to try somewhere different once in a while (my syndicate water is proving rather hard work at the moment...) could you pm me the address / contact details if you have them? im assuming its on a day ticket? cheers for the info Stu
  11. hi petfjo92 sounds like it could be worth a go! you got any details of what i get for my 10 squid? what are the pools like in terms of their topography? cheers stu
  12. Hi all, One of my close friends and fellow fisherman is emigrating to Australia in april and so I am planning a social in the last week in march for a group of about 10 of us to see him off. Instead of the usual session on our syndicate water up here in Cheshire, im looking for a venue somewhere down south for us to go for a 5 day session (on the basis that there are generally more carp waters down south and that there is a better chance of it being a bit warmer at the end of march than up here!!) I am looking for a venue that isn’t too big but would quite comfortably seat 10 anglers. Ideally the venue would have a lot of features such as lily and reed beds and a mixture of other species (there are some pleasure anglers coming along who would like to catch a few tench/bream/crucians etc etc on float tactics). There could also be some younger anglers coming along so i would also like a place which is a bit of a runs water to ensure that they all catch (5 days without a bite would be hard going on them i think!) Ideally the venue would have some facilities such as toilets etc and night fishing is essential. Im not bothered about the location as long as i can ensure that there will be good fishing at the end of march!! So my question is can anyone recommend a decent water for us? I know thats quite a large list of criteria, however, i would like to make this final fishing trip a success for us all. Any help or ideas/recommendations would be much appreciated. cheers stu
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