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north west carp fishing

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Have any of you tried Propper Northern carpin? Get your self up 2 Bonnie Scotland and fish for these mad fish up here. There are only two decent lochs (Lanark + Fintry) which you actually have a chance of getting a take, if your lucky!


There are also a couple of solid venues, like hogganfield in the roughest part ae Glasgae or The Brickie In The roughest part ae Rosyth (where i hear u ask? Exactly!!!) These venues only hold a couple of fish but are all monsters by scottish standard.


The fishing aint easy but is well more rewarding than any english venue ive fished. A Scottish 20lber is the equivelent to an English 50lber and a 25lb+ like an english 60lb+


Why don't the top anglers fi england test their baws and fish in scotland and i would like to see how they would fare!


tight lines


Led Zeppelin

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cant remember what junction it is off the m6,but you can see it from the motorway,if you know where pine lake is, borwick is on the opposite side.


to make life easier here's the web site address www.borwickfishing.co.uk

hope this helps. Its well worth a visit,


from dawn to dusk it costs just £5.

For a 24hr stint its a tenner!! BARGAIN :D

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What an excitable lot of carp anglers lol.

Having scanned thru postings carping seem s to be different things to different people.

Ive fished for carp for 30 years,25 in the north west.i can honestly say ive fished or looked at, at one time or another most waters that may or may not contain carp in n/w.

IF fishing toe to toe (combat fishing the yanks call it) the likes of wyreside,pendle view,highcroft and all the other commercial type fisheries in the north west floats ya boat then great.

I will say that the commercial fisheries in n/w have taken advantage of the people fishing them knowing full well they have little choice of were to go,the take it or leave it attitude of these fisheries beggers belief,but they are aware theres always another carp angler round the corner.

Ive enjoyed fishing the likes of sale,pilsworth,lymm,redesmere etc etc.over many years on and off(and a few other waters, i must be that secretive carp angler everyone must be paronoid about lol).

So the upshot is if you want to get the best out of all that expensive tackle,set ya sights on what you want and do it.

I personaly travel south, be it the midlands,south east,france etc.the old addage id rather spend 1 hour with fish in front of me than 24 hours with nothing in front of me does hold true.

And the cost i hear you cry, well the cost of memberships, day tickets are cheaper, more choice, better run, better faciltys and cos theres more choice more fish better fish and best of all you catch a lot more and bigger fish.

kind regards and HAPPY fishing.


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i read all these replies. come on pendle is rank i fished it for years then they brought some silly billies to run it wat a mistake, it used to have some top boys on loving the sport now u get a baliff who looks like pug out of beano who is a fluff chucker telling u how to fish. its funny. jog on pug. put your teeth in. there is far better waters up north. its a money makin machine pendle leave alone

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robob i've just got my stoke ticket you'll be well pleased next year when you join some class waters (fish,surroundings)had a walk round bolesworth castle couple of weeks ago its one of them places that looks like no one else has ever fished it and it screams carp its where you'll find me from now on

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Gawsworth, is a bobbins water the very biggest is under the 30lbs mark.


Wouldnt reccomend fishing it as it is just a puddle with fish in. No features, thats not fishing, not sport where the fish only have the anglers hook baits to feed off!


if you are looking for an interesting day ticket water then look at teggs nose. It s on the macclesfield waltonians ticket. Its fairly cheap to joing the club aswell, its only £35 per year and that will pay for itsself the first time tyou went to gawsworth. Plus you get nerons pool in chelford, with is a former car society water.

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Hurlston Hall Caravan Site


most people know about this one but i feel it's a good lake with plenty of decent doubles and a good few twenties, i only like it because you can fish it yourself without any nobs and its only somethin like £8 for 2 or 3 rods, one problem theres no night fishing. iVe been twice and had plenty of runs lost a fair few and had quite a fewbiggest bein 18lb7oz smallest around 9lb

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I have been to Orrel Water Park a few times lately and me and my mate have had some success with a 20, 17, 13, 9 and a few smaller (common and mirror) for him and a 10lb 2 ghostie (my first carp) and 11lb mirror at the weekend for me. Bailff said someone had 5 on saturday two of which were 15lb mirrors. Does anyone have any info on Moreton Mere (the brickworks) or Lingmere fishery on the Wirral such as stock levels and sizes? thx :P

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heh, from reading this it seems you all want to find a water with big fish in it that havent been stocked with commercial fish, you want fish that have taken years and years to grow naturally in those cooler northern temps and so are naturally wary,harder to catch= bigger acheivement


Why would you expect someone who has a place like this to give it away to you for cheap money when that someone has spent all those years and years protecting said fish and looking after the water?


its a dream, a fantasy to find such a place and if you were the owner would you let anyone at all fish it? and if you did what would you charge?



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Get the Beekay Guide to Carp Waters. Covers the whole of uK and a good dose of European waters. Great book as it provides details for all waters it contains. Gawsworth Hall in cheshire, Redesmere (used to be Frank Warrick's stomping ground), Capesthorne Hall used to do day tickets (but may have changed) join stoke on trent angling as they may have the rights to the latter two. I cut my teeth on sale water park when it was relatively safe years ago, a great runs water, had 15 out of 23 runs in 7hrs one evening fishing the far side last 2 swims near the nature reserve. I used homemade boilies over huge beds of maples,,couldn't go wrong. But alas the tackle thieves an thugs started to dominate and many a person awoke to find all but what he was sleeping on gone. They even took one guys bivvy while he was asleep in it, hence adding baseball bats to your tackle bag. If attempting this water PLEASE note: if kids throw things at your bivvy,,DO NOT chase them, you will return to an empty swim. they are only part of a gang, the rest wait for you to chase the kids and then empty your swim of tackle. :x

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guinmav - Andy i second all you said about waters further south. I lived in cheshire for 36yrs and fished all the same waters you mentioned. 5 yrs ago i moved to a sleepy village in south Wiltshire called Dilton Marsh. Now I have sooo many waters to choose from its unbelievable and most have 30's in at least and no trouble in sight. Within 1/2 an hours drive from the house I can be fishing for 30lb + carp and most are day ticket waters.. I pay £35 a year for Devizes Angling Club which gives me 12 miles of Kennett and Avon canal just for starters and night fishing. I am also a member of a syndicate water for £25 a year. Next time your down this way (westbury, warminster, salisbury) give us a shout an I'll try an meet up. Were you in Prince Albert fishing society?


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theres quite a few near me in manchester


try clifton marina 40 lb+ carp in there, good tench aswell


think its £2 a go VERY hard to fish



queensmere lodge


full of carp i heard through the man at the fishing shop where u get your ticket from there was a 30lb common pulled out last weekend



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Munkie , the brickies has some quality fish ,taking dog biscuits off the top is the way but I'm affraid like many waters the scally's from the estate over looking the lake are a problem . Even getting shot at with air rifles from the end of the lake by the car park. I imagine with the kids breaking up for summer you'd need more than camoflarge, you'd need riot helmet and flak jacket :wink:

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Hi, anyone fished Orrell Water Park this year?


i live 2 mins from it mate and have fished it all my life, i was on when this 'reported' 29 came out and all i will say is that the fish i saw held up to the camera wasnt 29. i have never had a 20 out of there abut i know of a fish that has come out 3 times at 24. now most of the lakes stock gets caught each year, so how he can say there is a brand new 29 is beyond me. he has just stocked 5000 more 3 to 4 inch carp in the top lake so in my honest opinion it isnt worth a bean let alone 7 quid a day to fish. look at some of the other unfished wigan pits for the real carp 8)

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