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  1. Hi, just wondering if you ended up fishing at Etang Marolles and if so how did you get on?
  2. I understand that if you pad a mix out too much then it will considerably reduce the quality both nutritionally and for rolling. Was hoping for a more in depth response. Anyone tried it?
  3. Hi, just wondering if anyone has added a percentage of 50/50 to a HNV base mix such as Trigga or Odyssey to bulk the mix out if on a budget or going abroad? If so what percentages and what effect did it have on the performance of the bait?
  4. Hi, anyone fished Orrell Water Park this year?
  5. does anyone know any waters in the sale/altringham/stockport area where i can put a bend in the rod in a day session.
  6. i know orrell water park! i used to fish there every day in the summer holidays when i was a kid, going back about eight years now. was a season ticket holder. There are two lakes, both about four acre. the top lake has an island and the bottom lake doesnt reall have any features, it used to be reserved for matches only! Back when i used to fish it, the lake record was a low twenty but the bigest i ever saw was lb17. Both lakes are full of carp but the top lake has been heavily fished over the years. I would fish the bottom lake if you can, some nice commons and ghosts in there and they will probly be a lot bigger now. If you go, let me know how it goes, want to go back myself. Good luck mate
  7. have you tried Pendle View near clitheroe. Day ticket fishery, five quid a rod i think! Good head of twenties, some thirties and a known fourty
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