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Darkest Hampshire


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It was a rush to get here before dark after finishing work ,as I  hoped to get away early , well that didn’t happen and ended up chuckling out 30 mins into dark, so not set up for photos  , so this is the best I can do at 3 in the morning , I’ll try and post if I catch over the next 24 hrs or so .just landed a common at .


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4 hours ago, dayvid said:

Rod and bivvy shot , 

I had a screaming run around 5 , but connected with nothing, very strange.


Looks nice, 

Do you have pike in there I've had load of issues with false runs and things lately, especially with pop ups, one time I even hooked one that had speared a rudd through its eye on my hook, my guess is the rudd were feeding on my spot and it attacked them, luckily it fell off, the poor rudd was dead though 😢

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