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All inclusive carp fishing


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Afternoon carp freaks!! I wanna go back to France but I don’t drive and none of my friends want to go this year. So I was thinking of trying a all inclusive package or one of them ones where u travel by coach n bring your gear. only thing I’m having trouble to find them like I’ve found a few of the obvious ones like Crete lakes and dreamlakes but keep hearing mixed reviews on both which is putting me off a little and to be totally honest I don’t like the swim layouts on their lakes it’s a bit like fishing a commercial lake over here too many swims as I would prefer a bit more space in between. Can anyone help I’m not to bothered about the size of the lake as long as you can you boats/bait boats as I can’t cast 120yards!! I mean it doesn’t have to be in France just somewhere abroad that have big carp. 


Ps I think I need some more friends lool

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Na not french carp 120yards minimum 😂 I didn’t mean like that just I don’t really fish big waters and the biggest lake I’ve fished is 12 acres Which isn’t that big compare to some. And I’m not going to lie I always thought with a big lake u have to be able to cast far away weather or not your fishing at that range but need it in your arsenal in case the fish are in front of you but At range but that’s probably because of YouTube.

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