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  1. Maxwell, just out of curiosity which bait firms would you recommend from your experience?
  2. The only company as far as i know who show the ingredients are Nutrabaits, yet they are becoming harder and harder to purchase.
  3. i love being charged £4000 for a 24 hour session and catching nothing, i just love being there blanking
  4. Mate its sad to say, but those feelings will never go away, we did have Ben last year but that was touch and go for a while towards the end. He was 5 weeks early and we never stop wondering about Matthew. Some of the things i have seen have been horrific and will never leave my head. but if i can do one good thing then its raise the money needed for research, to many of these deaths go unexplained, we had a full post mortem done on Matthew, they found nothing, which was good in one way, because there was no reason not to try again, but flip the coin, and there was no reason why it wouldn't happen again either, i have to say it was eight months of hell, waiting, which i am not going through again.
  5. Its the anniversary of Matthew later this week, all of the memories and feelings never really go away, but it certainly is at its peak this week. We went through a miscarriage before and after Matthew, and Sands do a lot of work to help people who have been through the same thing. Not only with research and so on, there are a number of baby memorial gardens scattered around the country. Even the smallest of things of just having a sticker on Ben's green notes, notifying the staff at the hospital of what we had been through was a help. No awkward questions, and we were aloud to sit on our own away from all of the other pregnant women. Not that we didn't want to be around everyone else, but when you know what can happen and you are full of worry you don't really want to be sitting round people who are totally oblivious of what can happen. And so they should be happy and enjoy their pregnancy, that's the way it is meant to be. Your not meant to be thinking what if. I haven't said to much on here about what exactly happened as its not the forum to do so, but Sands are a great charity, so it was only natural for me to pick them over anyone else.
  6. Its just takes a bit of practice fella, i use pike sunken floats for my zig fishing, you can experiment, with, 1,2 and 3 ft zigs, i also use normal leads with a large bore running ring and pva nuggets around the hook. When the lead hits the water slowly lift the rod up towards you until you feel the donk of the lead hitting the bottom.
  7. Hi everyone i just wanted to show you where all of the money raised through the charity events i am doing is going. http://www.uk-sands.org/research/overview.html
  8. All of my rods and reels match, i suppose in an ideal world you would have all different test curves to suit every situation. All of my rods are 3.25 tc, to be honest i don't have the luxury of affording different rods, plus one week i could be fishing a small water the next i might venture onto a big pit, you never know what life is going to throw your way, so i bought the largest test curve i could afford at the time to cover long range fishing should i ever come across a large water. I know a lot have speculated over why would you have three sets of snag bars on my buzzers, what's the point of having the bars on the middle rods. People talking idea kit for and ideal situation, you know what, i enjoy having my rods, reels, snag bars, and everything else matching, i have worked hard to buy the gear i like so why shouldn't i have what i like and not something that other people would prefer to have. That's their choice not mine. I still use a pod, some say using bank sticks and pointing your rods to where your fishing is the only way forward, i happen to like the way a pod keeps everything together neat and tidy in the swim. I am one of those anglers who like's everything neat and tidy, i even level the buzz bars, not because i need to but because i like it, i have camo netting over my bivvy, again not because i need to but because i like it. I earn the money so i am going to spend it on what i like not on the ideals of others. Sorry what started off on a simple reply has ended up in me having a little bit of a rant lol, sorry fella, this is in no way aimed at you, lol in answer to your question buy the hell what you want, if you think you may only ever fish small waters then buy smaller test curve rods, if you feel happy with having different test curve rods, do it, the only person it is going to have an affect on is you at the end of the day, buy what you like and most of all enjoy your time on the bank.
  9. Well, Phil's missus Kate is making the trophy, its going to be called the MSJ Charity Carp Trophy. The MSJ are Matthews initials, he is the reason this has all started, so he had to be included. The idea is, is the will be a number of plaques running around the side of the base, as i would like to run these charity socials every two years. I would like to award the trophy to the most outstanding man/woman of the social, and get their name engraved on to one of these plaques, the winner gets to keep the trophy until the next social, so on and so on. The only thing i would ask is, if anything happens to me, so i can no longer run these socials, when the two years are up, could the winner return the trophy to Chrissie. While on the subject of the social i would like to take a minute or two while we are at the social just to remember why we are there, if thats ok with everyone. Thanks Boys
  10. Dynamite Baits have just contacted me today, i will be receiving a nice parcel off them next week, just need to chase a couple more and the tickets will be going on sale soon
  11. Right fella's Jez is supplying the meat from an award winning butcher. Which will include 1 small rump steak, 2 pork steaks, 2 burgers, 2 sausages and a chicken breast steak, all for a fiver a head. Jez is throwing in the sauces, bread rolls and some black pudding. I just need a head count to see who is bring their missus or not, so i can get this lot paid for. You can all put the fiver into the account you have paid the social with, thanks boys i can't wait for this
  12. ^^^^^ thats a good idea, i used to use them when see fishing
  13. Thankyou ill give it a go
  14. Right boys, i am trying to arrange a bbq for the Saturday night we are there, i have a small bbq but i might be a little small for all of us, can anyone else bring one as well, i will let you all know how much the meat is for the bbq as soon as i know, thanks boys Gary
  15. You don't always need a weed rake, you can just simply put in a bit of hempseed over a few weeks, on to the same spots, the carp will soon clear the weed to get at the seed. I have always used a solid pva bag presentation, with either lead clips or drop off inline leads. The flat inline leads sit better in the pva bag. You could also use either a pop up or a critically balanced bait, just so it'll be one of the first items to be taken.
  16. Its a bit of a long shot, but i have exhausted every other method, does anyone know how to get hold of either Keith Jenkins or Dave Lane, its all in connection with the rig presentation case i am putting together for charity. Thanks Fella's You can pm me
  17. Hello fella welcome to the forum, 9 weight rod, same size in line, i have caught on dog biscuit patterns as well as daddy long legs.
  18. Personally i don't like long shanks, the mugga's and esp curve shank are both good strong hooks, which i use in pva bags all of the time. And ill go out on a limb and say i don't think KD rigs are as good as made out, just a simple 7 turn knotless knot on both of those patterns.
  19. Try Leamington Anglers Association http://www.leamington-angling.co.uk/ have a look at jubilee,
  20. I wouldn't worry it'll break up the colour.
  21. Our very own Helen (curry queen) is making up an Avon Hamper, something for the ladies, for the raffle
  22. Some stunning fish there fella, well done
  23. it took me a long time to put that together
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