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  1. the bit where he said no float, he just cast it out, an educated guess would lead me to believe he was freelining on the surface,
  2. And that will float As aboce really tear off a section and fold it around the shank, leaving the edges fluffy. A little tip for you as you sound new to fishing on the surface. Get them feeding confidently for a wile then overcast the bread and slowly reel it into position of the feeding fish. Also just wait a few sec when the fish takes the bread as so many people strike a tad early and can pull the hook out of the carps mouth.
  3. In theory what your saying yes, but most line will give a little, obviously braid has no stretch so is more prone to cracking off when casting. When using the line clip, you will have a general idea of when you are going to be hitting the clip or your spod is nearing the spot to where it needs to land. What i then do is slighlt feather the cast (on occasions) but mainly i just slightly raise the rod to my side bringing it back past me and then allowing the rod to take the force and slighlty allow the rod to come forward of me. So basically the rods action and allowing the rod to follow through slightly is stopping the line HITTING the clip as you said. It also enables the spod to hit the water with less disturbance. I think thats what i do, as you do it without thinking. Im sure a much more experienced anglew with explain alot better
  4. Ok i aint got a clue on how large a water is in size (acres) but i my runs waters are small atleast i think they are. Possibly 2 acres is a really small puddle and your right. But i find even when fishing ontop on my runs waters a 2nd rod on an alarm is not a problem.
  5. Ok so fishing on top and having a 2nd rod in the margin your saying is a hinderance? WoW thats where i have been going wrong.. Too many rods all these years...
  6. why is 1 rod not an option?? Why would you want to fish one? when you can double your chances by placing the 2nd rod in the margin or out of the way of the other rod? only a blinkered bivvy dweller that only has one string to their bow would say that Well why not say why dont you do stalking ?
  7. why is 1 rod not an option?? Why would you want to fish one? when you can double your chances by placing the 2nd rod in the margin or out of the way of the other rod?
  8. Had it happen this season on a runs water, all 3 on at once, luckily had a mate there and landed all three. Cast all three bk out and within 15mins had 2 on at the same time straigh after. Runs water FTW
  9. there is no wonder bait that attracts larger carp. Your mix sounds gd to me, similar to mine but i use also sweetcorn and use 2-3 different types of pellets that give different break down rates. When spodding i will fish 2 of my rods on it, one will be very close and the other a distance from the area. The one that sits away from the spod mix usually produces the larger fish.
  10. vinyljunkie check your pms fella
  11. i have 2 answers, both for different situations. If i am fishing my syndicate water which is not a runs water and holds large fish. Then i prefer to fish on my own, wether there are alot of anglers there or not. Its just i am more dedicated! If however i am fishing a runs water then i like to fish with mates, as i am not going to get much sleep and can have the crack with my mates also, and i dont need to be too dedicated and precise etc as its a runs water. As for your question i would deffo fish, if your on the bank you have a CHANCE of catching if your not there then you have no chance. If i was you i would fish 2 in the margins with small pva bags and one mid water with a small bed of boilies around it, scattered well.
  12. Yeah i thought the same Beanz, the mouth and the head is quite small also. Very easy fish to identify with the split fin though. Just wondering if there were two of you how come you had no pictures of you holding them
  13. i know what your talking about, your probably getting the mixture passing the disc that pushes it out. So all you need to do is take the one that is on there off, replace with one of exact size. Then it should work a treat
  14. Some cracking fish there mate, look in prestine condition. However, to show the fish properly and get some better pictures try using a camera with a slef timer or get an air bubble for cameras so you can do self takes Then the pictures will look alot better. But top angling all the same
  15. i have used both and both are fine, if your not fishing a snaggy or weedy water then no need to worry about the lead seperating. If however you are then i go for trimming the clip down, then wetting the rubber before placing it on.
  16. well done mate, nice to see you with a nice looking common as a pb. At a guesstimate i would say around the 13lb mark.
  17. Ok, well here it goes my contribution.. I have recently had a year or so off from fishing so i have actually had to go through the process of choosing a new venue. In the past i had only really been fishing small, pressured runs waters and more for the crack with mates than actually fully focusing on targeting large fish or taking everything to serious as i have this year. I came back into the game with one thing in mind, targeting large fish. Being that i had only came bk i thought best idea would be to get the rods out as much as possible on the runs waters where i can tweak my tackle and also get the feel for playing fish and just getting back into the rhythm of things. But the one thing that i dont like in a synidicate was on the lake that i joined and that was hasstle. When i was there a van got burnt out on the first night, a fellow angler got his gear nicked and i was completely on edge due to all this, so i quit that syndicate. I then went back to the drawing board and after getting the feel for things from this water for a short period of time. I was ready for a local syndicate water that hold a good head of 20s and a few 30s, which i can say i have never really had the opportunity to fish for, the place is completely locked up - electric gates. locks on main gates and main road gate. Its the place where you can set up, fish a few days then go home have food a shower and go work come back and everything will be as you left. Also there are showers on site, which real;ly took my fancy for them long stays. And also had a lodge with food being cooked, breakfasts at 7am and also a tele for them warm days or times that are not producing where you can associate with fellow anglers. This was the place for me as it ticked all the boxes, other than it was not a runs water. Which is all i was used to. But for me i learned to walk and there was no time like the present to take that step. So everything was perfect. Other than it was 5 times the price of the runs water syndicate. But you dont get all the things you need cheap. So to sum it up, if your a new angler then get on a runs water, with easy access and not to highly pressured. Also possibly a place where people are going to help you learn etc. For the more experienced angler, where targeting the large carp or for that place where you can go for complete tranquility then a syndicate water that is completely private and out in the sticks is the one to go. Slack Lines Gareth And i will now pass this onto VinylJunkie
  18. Hi guys, I am at uni with the missis for freshers so just popped on for a quick 2mins. I will give my thoughts on the topic when i get back and completely sober. Slack Lines
  19. Mate keep it as simple as possible. I have sent you a pm of a simple rig and leadsetup that i have used and allways continue to untill i feel in certain circumstances where i may tweek things. Untill then simpler the better.
  20. cracking looking fish mate, nice colour to it. Pitty you werent rewarded a bit more for your efforts over the 7days but the enjoyment is just being on the bank
  21. i maybe wrong as i have never made my own baits. But wouldnt boiling them for longer make them harder Its not the most technical reply but its the first thing that i would think of doing
  22. you have not got to peel it back, but sometimes if i am fishing a lake with alot of debris or where i feel the hooklink may stick up slightly from the bottom i will strip a cm bk near the swivel just to give it a pivoting point so it wont stick up funny on the floot. As for near the hook when tying the knotless knot i allways strip enough bk for the hair and somtimes as i said above i will strip a little back just below the hook again to enable a pivoting point. As for stripping it back with your teeth or nail that is fine. aslong as you dont start fraying the inner braid.
  23. my tips would be look what the wind was for the past few days and are going to be, then go from there. When arriving. walk around look for showing fish Also speak to anglers see whats coming out, i usually find certain parts produce better, sometimes i notice a few swims get a good hit as the fish are moving through etc Lastly when on your swim marker out and find them sweet spots, i usually have a map of each swim so i dont disturb. but thats upto you
  24. I love them simmos, i think they are a mint looking fish, other than a perfectly scaled 30lb mirror ofcourse. But when i joined and i saw the pics of the large simmos i thought i want to catch one of them. There is also another fish in there that i would like to catch and its the dark fish that bluebirdjones caught think its now his P.B
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