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  1. I didnt even know about it. where is barston? Il pop down and have a gander
  2. Cheers buddy il have a gander
  3. Do you put anything else with it? Also how long do you boil and soak it up for?
  4. It's the only edition I didn't buy, honest guv
  5. Has anyone got a copy of Junes crafty carper they don't want? Preferably with the fox comp voucher
  6. Any ideas on a cheap effective spod mix? I'm about to try it for the 1st tome so probably will be getting it everywhere but the water Cheers
  7. nealy_uk

    My new PB Common

    Great fish buddy!
  8. Ive caught bigger I seriously wouldn't know what to do with that!!!
  9. Pool hall is that way, i was looking at it this weekend, looks very nice
  10. Dont know if ive mentioned this one yet 18lb 10
  11. nealy_uk

    New PB

    I know! Does anybody want any lol
  12. nealy_uk

    New PB

    Yeah, no one was catching all day, I started with just the normal lead clip and a hook length of about a foot the moved on to a zig the started to try and complicate things. I decided to tie a few rigs up and remembered on tv Mr nmentioned if it's a pressured water try shortening the hook lenth, so I did to about 6 inchs with a lead clip system and a cell pop up. I cast to a showing fish 10 mins later got a screaming run that then spent the next 20 mins plodding down the margins like a dead weight, the it ran into the reeds and pulled the hook GUTTED. Re baited and cast to he same spot again, 10 mins later BEEEEP same again, didn't feel as heavy as the previous but I landed it! So I changed my other rod to the same and had another hook pull and missed 2, from now on I'm keeping it simple!!!
  13. What about using an additive? I have a bottle of liquid belatine, could i water that down?
  14. I have just purchased some air dryed Cells, I was fishing with some lads today and their air dryed boiles were rock hard, they couldn't even get a needle through them! What's the best way to rehydrate cell boilies?[/b]
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