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  1. You out here too mate? Where abouts are you?
  2. I can not agree more!!! that would just be amazing!
  3. I havent done it before and my and my gf are gonna give it ago so was wondering which hooks to go for? cheers
  4. I was Tying the rig and really didn't like the look of it!!! It looked rubbish in my hand so giving it a miss! Cheers anyways guys
  5. We cant change the date on the camera! Was a second hand one. I know haha I don't have the haircut nomore dunno why I used to to have it either haha
  6. new dimension - total fishmeal - base mix - 1kg - vision baits, if I bought this, would I be right in thinking that it has all the flavours and everything else and all I have to do is add egg/eggs and hand roll them, boil and freeze untill needed? many thanks
  7. cheers 8D I'm going back for a night session in august if they have a spare peg
  8. I am yet to do a full week here but do day sessions oftenish haha but I tend to fish for the biggies and mess about trying to catch little roach and have fun!!! I think the main thing to do is have fun. catching little roch can be fun whilst waiting for the bigger fish to bite
  9. ah well I will have a go with a few variations and see which works best for me will get back with the results when I've had a go with it cheers for your input
  10. I am reasonably good angler I would of said I keep it simple and keep it easy but thats gonna change hopefully for the best 8D My first cat at 36lb at 19lber in rather bad condition, if you look close the dorsal fin has no...skin? on it? a scrappy little mirror at about 4-5lb? wouldnt stop flipping so left it on the mat. a nice fish of 18lbs, as good as gold, didnt flip or nothing another high double another fish in pretty bad condition!!! looks like its been stood on 8( I screamed when this hit the spreader block!!! though it was my first 30 but just hit 22lb a darkish fish of 21lbs a fish with like scars on its side, from catfish maybe? and the first fish there, caught on ESP Ghost 18lb Flourocarbon about 3 foot from the lillies with pop up corn 21lbs thanks for looking 8D
  11. just a quickie, when tying the anchor rig, the part of braid coming out of the shrink tube is it meant to have a section of uncoated braid for manouverability or stiff straight through? cheers
  12. I havent fished there but I have watched some DVD's on that lake and they use 8's 6's and 10's but mainly 8's and 6's
  13. you could always do the muzza??? havent tried it yet (yet meaning next time I go I'm gonna) but it seems to work very well for others
  14. I have always used the Korda Action Pack, but lately I have seen alot of comments on the Korda stuff, so was wondering which you guys use and have confidence in so I can get on that and hopefully have the same cheers
  15. Same here, can't do this to save my life but I think I've come to terms that its just not gonna go as tight and a neat as it should so I just go as tight as I can and leave it at that
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