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  1. vinyljunkie check your pms fella
  2. i have used both and both are fine, if your not fishing a snaggy or weedy water then no need to worry about the lead seperating. If however you are then i go for trimming the clip down, then wetting the rubber before placing it on.
  3. you have not got to peel it back, but sometimes if i am fishing a lake with alot of debris or where i feel the hooklink may stick up slightly from the bottom i will strip a cm bk near the swivel just to give it a pivoting point so it wont stick up funny on the floot. As for near the hook when tying the knotless knot i allways strip enough bk for the hair and somtimes as i said above i will strip a little back just below the hook again to enable a pivoting point. As for stripping it back with your teeth or nail that is fine. aslong as you dont start fraying the inner braid.
  4. my tips would be look what the wind was for the past few days and are going to be, then go from there. When arriving. walk around look for showing fish Also speak to anglers see whats coming out, i usually find certain parts produce better, sometimes i notice a few swims get a good hit as the fish are moving through etc Lastly when on your swim marker out and find them sweet spots, i usually have a map of each swim so i dont disturb. but thats upto you
  5. I tend to stick to only one hookling material and that is korda hybrid soft. I only really fish 2 or 3 places where is suits the bottom,but sometimes i simply dabble a marker pen along the hooklink to break it up a little.
  6. If you want a holiday come across the bridge and i will guest you on my syndicate water Welsh winter weather, you just cant beat it.
  7. either loop the lenght up or double back on itself then simply either tie some pva string on a few points or tape and cast out. When the pva melts the zig will float. Not used it much and have not caught but i have read about it and also seen people using it and it works for them.
  8. Ok sorry i forgot about the maggots, i was thinking of a 14-16mm boilie with that hook size. Maybe a thought could be using the medusa rig with a size 6 hook. Then you have more of an attracter, larger bait, deters the smaller fish a little and also you can use the bigger hook fer a better chance of a good hookhold. Or another possibility is buying them enterprise maggots, the ones where the maggots slide onto the hook and also you can use a maggot as a line aligner The hook is almost invisible then and you can change the size of hook with the amount of maggots you place on there.
  9. what makes you think it is the size of the hook that is causing you to lose fish? As if that is the case then why use a smaller hook? I would use a larger hook, say a size 6. Just make sure that the hook is sharp (see if it bites into your nail), and also the placement of the hair and you could possibly try a different shaped hook as i cant really comment on a kurv shank hook as i have not used them, i use the korda hybrids with a bit of silicone tubing to give that slight angle to help the hook turn. Just something you could try. Also at what point are you losing the fish, just after the take, mid playing it or at the net? And the fish that you do land where would you say that the fish is hooked? top, bottom, side, deep or just on the lip? Slight alterations to the hair will make the hook catch in different positions on the lip.
  10. size 8 korda hybrid, aint lost a fish yet.
  11. Slightly one acre is a puddle. If you fish hazel court they are puddles! It all depends what you want from the lake, i myself like day ticket runs water to get a bend in the rod yet i also like syndicates which hold large fish. If i could choose to how mine would be i would want MY personal pond to be large and a syndicate only. But im no expert on making a carp pond, if you do a search there is a guy livings or something who made his own and there is like a blog maybe you can take some info from there etc. But i think that once you stock a water it takes a few years before it starts to fish. I may be wrong.
  12. Ok well i am going to pick up a few of these armo hooks. Which would you suggest to go for when using bottom baits, so something similar to the shape of the korda wide gape? Had a quick look and i was thinking the SSSP was good as an allrounder hook surface and bottom baits and the SSBP was for pop ups? That abou right?
  13. Ok mate. But i wouldnt be happy with losing 8fish out of 32 runs so thats why i suggested maybe a little change or tweak is needed.
  14. Its trial and error, but i usually like to have the hair coming just off the back of the shank. And i always either use a rig ring or some silicone tubing to keep it at that point. Then i have approx a few mm clearance between bait and bend of hook. Also i use shrink tubing on every one of my bottom bait rigs. I am using the multi rig or johnny mac rig at the moment with great success, maybe something for you to look into and its so quick and easy to tie Although its more of a pop up rig i find it work well with bottom baits
  15. Hmm since starting back last month i have probably caught 30 fish upto 17lb and only had one that pulled at the net and one that i lost just as i struck but think that was me being laxy putting too long a hair on my rig. I will be trying these fox arma hooks though as i have heard alot of people use them. Try a few rigs with the korda wide gape see how you get on
  16. I have both in my tackle box. Braid has no stretch atall and is very hard to break with the correct knot. If using a long hooklink then i find the coated braid is the way to go, also good for small hooklinks as you can incorporate hinge points etc. I will 90% of the time use braid but if fishing is hard then i will turn to fluro, where its near invisible. If tied correctly can be very effective and i use 10lb IQ soft, where when i start the knotless knot always start tying with the hook eye opposite the first turn So really i use braid 90 of the time but fluro can be very effective for them shy wary carp.
  17. Hi all, Iam wondering if anyone on here knows of anyone or actually fishes the Wrings in Mwyndy (talbot green) S.wales. If they do some advice on the venue, quantatity and weight of carp in there, how hard or easy it is (ie pressured) Also rules on baits, hooks and material etc.
  18. Dental floss will do the same
  19. Ok thanks for the many great replys and it has pointed me in the general direction of what i should do tactically As for the lake being hard fished, i have not been there for a yr now but when i did because the small size of the lake as described and the 20-30lbs that are in there i would say there are approx 6-10 carp max as the lake is mainly fished HARD for cattys in the summer. Largest 69lb catty out of there. So just to confirm being its small, would the ideal setup be choddy with 1oz lead with pop up that will hld the rig up (test in margin). Then lightly sprinkle with chopped boileies> Then maybe one rig as an inline shoka style (yes korda influenced ) with 1oz lead a stik mix and being its close lightly sprinkle boilies. I put the weight of the leads in as due to me being new i dont know how rigs act underwater t dofferent surfaces, or if heavier leads are meant for different setups so can someone confirm this please. Much appreciated
  20. Thanks for that well explained reply, i know exactly what you mean but would not of thought of it that way, but now explained i totally understand. Hopefully although not on the same subject, being you know the fishery is small and im talking a POND size, where from the website and people i spoke to the pond is 6ft deep max and contains silt bed. Im fishing it this wkend fri-sun and would you say i should go down drop one 2 in margins and fish one out in open as there is no island at all, a few lilles though. Or get a marker float and get depths and try to feel the bottom, and also use the cotton tactic to see how deep the silt is? Hope you can help. Thanks Gareth
  21. Did or did i not answer this question in this thread?..... Well yes and no. You said "you dont need to use a stick mix on these anyway" which to me dont actually dont say wether it is a good idea or not to use a stik mix. All i am looking for is to keep a tight carpet of bait around my hookling, being new to fishing i did not know if it was possible with this setup thus me askign the question. Being me having to spring baits in via spod or catapault.
  22. Well i wouldnt say really heavily especially for carp anyway as the max at anyone time is 9 ppl on there and they mainly fish for the cattys. Why do you think that i should not use the chody rig being im new? Also anyone got any advice on the weight size?
  23. Hi there new to angling and the fishery that i joined has several small ponds. The one that i am targeting holds carp from 20-30lb and also cattys it is small in size approx 100yds in length and about 30yds wide and is approx 6ft deep with a silt bottom I am looking at using the choddy rig and maybe an inline setup of some sort.The two questions i have are: 1. My thought being new to fishing is the stik mix,stringers and pva bags etc are meant to give a tight carpet of bait around your hook, so i know you can use it with inline setups but will it still work the same with a choddy rig being the swivel is free to go up-down the leader and im fishing a pop-up? Im fearing that the pva of some sort may hinder or tangle the setup 2. Being the pond is small in size i can place baits accurately as i can cast underhand to any location(walking to desired location if need be). What weight leads would be best to use? Lightest 1oz for both choddy and inline (bolt setup also) or go upto a 1 1/2 -2 oz lead to ensure the lead is heavy enough to hook the fish. Im mainly worried that the heavier leads may sink into silt to much yet the lighter leads may not be heavy enough self hook the fish etc. Please give me your thought and advice. Or possible alternatives. Thanks.
  24. So basically do they exactly the same job/purpose?
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