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  1. Its better to have too much padding than not enough How small does it pack down? Half of the size it is when opened up.
  2. i wish .. its me that ends up on the floor, not her lol
  3. thanks lads and yeah it dose abit loads better than the standard matt i had befor though
  4. Hiya lads, got back on thursday from a week fishing rossways. Another brilliant weeks fishing. I fished the same swim and rig as last time but i was using fruit boilies this time and not fish boilies as i couldent get a touch on them. Managed 34 carp, 7 bream and 2 tench in total. The biggest carp of the week was 14lb 7oz and the smalled was about 4lb, avarage size was 7-8lb. I was fishing tight to the far bank morning and evening and in the center through the day as the fish were coming away from the far bank after about 9 in the morning and then going back about 5 in the afternoon. was using one boilie on the hair and a small bag of pellets over a bed of boilies. cant wait to go back Few pics
  5. Thanks lads. got megan boiling the birdseed for tomorrow. shes well into it
  6. Hiya lads Got back home last night from a 24 hour session. Me and my girlfriend (Megan) fished my local lake fish pond farm for 24 hours. Megan had never been carp fishing befor so i baught her a licence and got her to come along with me. Once we arived at the lake and i had put the bivvy up and got my carp rods cast out i set a little pole up for megan and she sat happily catching tiny rudd and roach. After an hours fishing my right had rod screemed of witch resulted in a 6lb common. 20 mins after i had recast the right had rod and put a little bit more bait out it screemed of again witch resulted in a 8lb mirror. Shortly after i had caught my second fish Megan said would it be okay if i had ago at carp fishing.. i said yeah sure, so i sat and taught her the basics and how to hold the carp and how to play the fish. I packed the pole away and we both fished with the carp rods taking it in turns. After 30 mins of packing the pole away the left hand rod scremed of so i showed megan what to do and let her do it while i stood beside incase of her needing any help. after a short battle the carp was in the net, a common of about 5lb witch megan was so happy with. After that she totaly got the carp fishing bug, she said she loved it. About an hour after her catching her first carp i caught one and megan caught one more. Later on in the after noon megan said to me what happens if both rods go at the same time?... i said well its not very lickly to happen but if it dose you get one and i will get the other. 15 mins later the left hand rod screemed of... as megan got the carp into the margins the right hand rod screemed of so i had to play a fish and net megans fish..... as soon as i had sliped the net under megans carp i passed her the carp i was playing and took the carp she landed to the mat, unhooked it and put it in a carp sack in the margins for a moment untill megan had landed the second fish. Luckly as i was unhooking the second carp and was about to release both carp my mum turned up to see how we were getting on so i asked her to take a pic of us both with the fish (pic below). Later on in the evening we were sat in the bivvy chatting away and megan said im going to catch a bogger one than you... i said nope im going to get a bigger one than you.. we were sat chatting and laughing and all of a sudden the right had rod screemed of so i jumped up to get it but then realised it was megans turn so i left it and let megan get it. after a 5 min battle the carp finaly came over the net. I turned and looked at Megan and said Well done, you were right u have caught a bigger one than me and the biggest sime ever appeared on her face.. once she had unhooked the carp i weighed it... 16lb 1oz. After a pic megan safly returned the carp into the lake. after that we dident have another single bleep on the alarm untill 5:30 tuesday morning witch was a 4lb common that woke me up. through out tuesday i caught one carp and lost 2 and megan caught 2 carp. On both rods we were using a korda running rig, 2 oz lead, 6 inch 10lb IQ hooklink with a size 8 kurv shank and 2 bits of fake korn on the hair. both rods were fished over a small bed of the birdseed mix i use. She loves it that much she has asked to go back for 2 nights on friday witch she is realy looking forward to. Few pics. Megans first fish on the pole cupple of the carp we caught during the 24 hour session Pic of the carp we caught at the same time Megans 16lb 1oz common In the pics she paniced a little bit because the carp started flapping and she was half asleep. Chris
  7. My week at rossways... Hiya lads.. i had a weeks session at rossways earlyer this year... Was the best weeks fishing i have ever had.. I fished the same swim just about all week with 2 carp rods on a korda running rig with a size 8 wide gape on a 6 inch 12lb iq2 hook link and a fish boilie tipped with fake corn. Used 6kg of boilies and 2kg of 8mm halli pellets through out the week.. I was spreading a few around the tree on the far bank every cast with a little fishy stick mix on each cast. In total i landed 72 carp, 2 bream, 1 chub and lost 16. Biggest all week was about 10lb untill the last evening fishing. I packed all my gear up and went and sat next to a tree and flicked my rig under it, 5 mins later it screemed of.... 14lb 6oz common After that i fished for about 2 hours and had another 8 carp, 2 bream and chub. Cant wait to go back in 2 weeks. Thanks to rossways owner steve for all the hints,tips and advice. aswell as a brilliant weeks fishing i learnt so so much about carp fishing... Thankyou steve Few pics Chris
  8. Hiya.. will keep my diary upto date and will post after every session.. Havent been out much at all this year. Ive done roughly 10 days sessions & 2 full weekends at my local fisherys. I have also done a weeks session at rossways in boston,lincs witch was brilliant. Going back to rossways in a cupple of weeks witch im realy looking foward to. Chris
  9. Hi lads, i have just got back from fish pond farm, i did not have a sniff chris
  10. AT LAST fish pond farm has thawed out, i have just spoke to the owner (john) and he said its finaly thawed out so i have booked a day on monday. he said no one has fished it sinse 2 week befor xmas and there has been no bait put in. how should i fish it??? should i do what i was doing last year, fake corn over a small bed of spod mix or should i use fake corn with single pva bags and not spod mix??? chris
  11. i just woundered how many under 18's there are on carp.com ????
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