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  1. rossways carp lake.pm me for info. i went for a week back in may (09) and i had a brilliant week's fishing i had over 26 carp 4 bream and 2 tench.not masive fish but i realy enjoyed it. chris
  2. ok mate thanks for that and PM me the link to erics please. chris
  3. hiya lads im going to my local carp fishing tackle shop to buy some stuff for my tackle box as im running low on stuff lol.i have got £30 to spend. i have just started using the KD rig but i was woundering what the best hook pattern is to use woth this rig? also what is the best hook to use on a normal hair rig/knotless knot? what hook link mono-braid should i buy is the korda IQ soft any good? im using 15lb korda adrena main line and i normaly use a 12lb hook lenght is that ok? the lake i all ways fish is mainly open water.there is very few snags.the bottom is a lil silty. chris
  4. 1chris1

    New video

    ok mate thanks im just doing a mono/flouro hooklength one
  5. 1chris1

    New video

    thanks mate and ye i thought that lol
  6. 1chris1

    New video

    hiya lads i have made a step by step video guide on how to tie a knotless knot.tell me what you think. thanks to ian gemson for letting me use his the pictures and wording so realy all i have done is put the pics and wording in to a slide show video lol chris
  7. 1chris1

    combi rig

    ok mate thanks for your reply.
  8. 1chris1

    combi rig

    thanks for that mate. chris
  9. 1chris1

    combi rig

    ok mate thanks for that.
  10. 1chris1

    combi rig

    what is the best rig to use when use in a snowman? sorry about all the questions im just trying to learn lol. chris
  11. 1chris1

    combi rig

    i never thought of that mate thanks very much lol i no how to now i have watched a few videos. chris
  12. 1chris1

    combi rig

    hiya lads can some one help me please with how to set a combi rig up.has any one got any step by step pics on how to set it up. thanks chris
  13. 1chris1


    what do you meen by i need to get out and experience things mate?
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