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  1. I've give up with Monster Particles. They drag you in with their cheap prices, but seems to be for things you aren't going to get. First ever order I had to chase up as part of the order was missing, yet I'd give them a fortnight to before contacting them. But gave them another chance with an order for 3 varieties of dry particles. First arrived after 5 working days, second arrived after 8 working days, and again after 3 weeks I found myself chasing up the third, and now they choose to ignore me. Even though the prices are a bit higher I've just put an order in with Barrs Angling so will see how that goes.
  2. If you think the prices you've seen are bad, cop this (Read description in below link) LOL https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/194940969320?hash=item2d63632168%3Ag%3AdNcAAOSwm21iJMLo&LH_Auction=1
  3. If you keep the sticks 12ft apart the number of wraps will be equal
  4. I've 10ft Scope's in 3 1/4, to have the option of chucking PVA bags. They're not too stiff, and have a much softer action than that of a 12 footer
  5. You have been lucky. Everything I have had of Fox has broke, and the aftersales is one of the worst, and not just with carp fishing equipment, but match fishing too.
  6. It's a good shop, been using it 40 odd years. They match advertised prices, and sell the best maggots in the country
  7. I doubt the fish you caught from Ham had never been caught before. But well done anyway. There's quite a few good fish in there, the website has pictures of about 5 30's and there's several back-up upper 20's, But they are certainly not easy to catch.
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