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  1. I always used to add a bit of salt, say a palmful to a big pan full. Not sure if it makes any difference or not. Used to do really well on it years ago fishing 1 piece of maize and a piece of fake corn.
  2. I would buy my own and then you can boil as little as you like and it's dirt cheap.
  3. Mine won't be long. Will have to start shaving it all off soon unless I have a comb over 😂
  4. Hello all I'm off to the monument 2 this weekend. It's not really my cup of tea but a couple of bloke from work was going so I thought I'd tag along. Has anyone been and done any good? I've watched various YouTube videos but they are mainly when it was first opened. Just after a few tips to hopefully bag one or two. Thanks Paul
  5. I know it's been quite a while lol. Hope your well. I took up match fishing again and then the last 2 years got back into carp fishing again. Don't get out as much as I'd like to due to family commitments etc.
  6. Had this one on a day session at cuttle mill. 17lb 8oz.
  7. Also Nick you mentioned about you kept losing fish in snags where you couldnt stop the fish going into them? So why carry on fishing near the snags if you can't get them out?
  8. I dont think leads that heavy have a place anywhere in carp fishing. I've fished ressys over 200+ acres and have had no trouble. You only need to use leads like that when your sea fishing and have tidal flow.
  9. I think zander is right about a 3.5tc rod as no matter how loose you set your cluth it will still bump fish off. Take pole fishing for instance, if you use a heavy elastic for catching small fish you will bump the fish off no matter how softly you strike. Yet if you fish with a light elastic you will bank alot more fish. I know because i have done it myself. Also if you drive a 4x4 600 miles and then drive a micra 600 miles you will use alot less petrol in the micra
  10. yeah i bet lol. Looks more like a dolphin
  11. Yeah i been and looked before they by the belfrey golf course. I remember the one on the left quite small with little islands and stuff in. Cant belive the joker charging £15 a day. He will go out of bussiness doing that lol
  12. lol thats one strange carp
  13. £15 for 2 rods for for the day? is he having a laugh?
  14. Dont think it matters much at drayton. They are like phrinnas, if you cant catch there give up lol.
  15. Well done mate Send me photos if you wanti always like looking at big pike. I know lots of 20's come out on the trent by me
  16. Oh yeah i forgot about that lol It's a 2 man job though as one needs to hold rod and other chuck the bottle lol
  17. I've only fished it once in March 2005 when i brought all my carp gear and switched over from coarse fishing to carp fishing. Didnt really expect to catch as the pool was half frooze when i got there lol. To make matters worse it snowed in the night too and i frooze my tats off. Still it was a nice pool back then in winter.
  18. Maybe the water too tough for the angler lol. Its funny when people dont catch and moan about weed in the water they say that the pool is rubbish.
  19. Thought you ment you had found a spot on your body somewhere lol Goto docs get it checked out might just be a wart.
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