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  1. new shots ot the latest swims tackled on the zezerre and tomar rivers...how do I post them????.......nailed some biggies....and some absolute stunners too.....all changed and a little tech help needed?? .........broke my 60 duck!!!
  2. not at all.....not getting into the whole leadcore debate...suffice to say its more than capable of that damage and has been culprit of far worse.....check out the leadcore threads
  3. have used it in the past and it does produce when other presentations wont....however I find hessian string loosely twined and frayed camos it better .....with the added benefit that the string takes a glug really well too
  4. my son uses four of these in the 3lb tc....and after having a dabble with one I think they are damn good value for money...he has put them through some hammer and the eyes dont seem to be any worse for it....nice looking rods too
  5. ...that'll do nicely mate, just need some piped music in there and Im sorted then ....is definately my taste though mate....along with a few paintings by Francis Bacon..."third tryptich"..."the maguffin" etc....see...even I have hidden shallows .....
  6. now I do like that one mate...the ex would love that one an all....and yes the "secret cities" stuff is stunning...thats the series I have a few of here...saw them with his first showing of them at URBIS in manchester...brilliant stuff....theyre actuall 1000s of the same image "stitched together" apparently...keep them coming mate...get a few blown up big enough and i might stick a few quid in your pocket
  7. some brilliant shots there Andy...my old chap used to teach photography upto degree level along with art etc...I was always a bit sparse on that side lol...but the link below is where I like to fill my walls at home...this work is absolutely stunning on a big scale...12ftx10ft on some of his stuff.. the ones i bought obviously not near that .....have a mooch....sure you will love it http://www.andrewbrooksphotography.com/
  8. classic!!!! nothing guarantees failure more than a big stogey wrapped up warm and sat grinning at you in the margin mate
  9. ...thank god your not bivvying up in the next peg to me...I have enough problems with them being courier delivered by baitboat off my mates on opposite banks
  10. looks like it to me to be honest...hope you gave it a good covering of Klinik or Bongella ???
  11. And idiots who decide to remove fins so that they can see whether they have caught it before ..Im lucky enough not to of fished waters with that kind of a55 on it mate...but im in no doubt whatsoever that it happens more often than we would believe...I have partially snipped a pec fin a couple of times but this is only due to them beating themselves up to get through a snag etc and with spines broken that wont mend...far safer to trim it and treat it, than leave it to die off and possibly infect
  12. seen damage like this before from tethering with leadcore around snags
  13. well mate....thats the rason for me too...and the lagging is absolute heaven in comparison to a basic rim
  14. not keen how the phrase "general purpose stool" is interchangeable will stick to the bucket with a bin bag in it....and a spot of pipe lagging over the rim...home from home...even comfy enough to have a read whilst your there!!
  15. too right mate...bit greasy but i like a good spicy apple chutney with it....allegedly
  16. I totally agree over songbirds Ian....but coots, geese and swans.....really not for me...especially after having a brawl with a swan whilst trying to free it from line....ended up with a head that looked like a sock full of conkers off its soddin wings....much to the amusement of my mates along the bank...shouting "have him Del" .....but songbirds....lots of them please.....
  17. problem is half the time we dont know who the bloke down the bank is on these waters...who is to say they are not tipping the wink to some theiving ......... to let him know which to hit for bigger value....and sim ply splitting the cash
  18. swarkestone not far from me mate..im nantwich side of stoke...me and a couple of mates were going to give it a crack a few years back but i ventured south to live for a bit and ended up getting stuck into ardingly res 250 acres with about the same head as swarkestone...moved back up here and well ...things happen...and now im back on my estate waters.....when i actually wet a line for carp...Im still into my fly fishing but the longer i spend back on here the more im getting sucked back into carping...I have my PAAC card so Im thinking maybe bosley res if the idiots have ventured off yet....good luck on your search....sounds a lifetimes work just finding it
  19. spot on....would rather hit into an unkown uncaught twenty...from a previously little fished water...everytime...thats the thinking behind having a big hit on the zezere and tomar in portugal next visit mate....they get no pressure at all....hell half the worlds population dont know where portugal is
  20. ....a pan net was suitable then
  21. it is.....the basis is " free your a55 and your mind will follow"
  22. vile aint it....as HH said...knackers up broadlands and then sets his sights higher.....years ago i fished a water and targetted a fish known as "cricket bat".....and i have just seen "medicine ball".....no comparrison
  23. I know that feeling well mate...my bogey fish still stands five years down the line....i will have her though...will happily devote a year to having just her so i can mark that water off....i think sometimes its best to move on for a bit...and then go back with a fresh pair of eyes???
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