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    sea fishing normally ,but now a good distance form the sea it will be when i can LOL

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  1. cheers for the replys lads, good luck with them brighton_carper let me know how you get on.
  2. Syndicate water ( Sulby ) the water is chocolate, so i am a little unsure, was going to try them bugz to see if they work. I havent tried zigs before so it is a complete learning thing for me. All I know is that they are a long pop up link about 4- ?ft long and flourocarbon. Totally new to it.
  3. Apologies to drag up an old thread, didn't want to start a new one on same subject My question is - do zigs work in coloured water or is it just a clear water tactic? I have never tried them before so really wanting to get the basics right before I make a complete numpty of myself.
  4. thanks for the replys lads,looks like the search will be ongoing for that " perfect place "
  5. hi. does anyone on here have some upto date information on sulby reservoir, been trying to contact the bailiff on there for about a month now, mobile was ringing , now it keeps going to the answer machine, tried the e mail approach but as of yet nothing been returned. been for a walk around the lake , like the look of the place. would be grateful if anyone could help to point me in the right direction. many thanks . pete
  6. well after searching through countless threads about willesley on here, i am planning on giving it a go. i was wondering if anybody had an update on how its fishing ?. i have never fished the place so i havent really got a clue about it. i had a walk around there last week saw a few fish cruising around. a couple fo nice looking swims etc. does it get really busy there ?
  7. well done mate ,great read.
  8. thats what i thought , i could be totally wrong about the place, but i want to sit there and enjoy the evening and not keep looking behind me thinking some scally is going to try and rob my gear, i would of stayed i think if there wasa couple of us but as it was it was just me and my son i didnt want to take the chance
  9. was going to do the session there, but got a bit spooked when taling to a couple of lads there who told me " where the thieves come from ( direction ) and how they do it,even went on to show me how it can e done with his own gear, after that he politley asked what kit i had with me LOL, i didnt stay long i can tell you
  10. well done mate , cracking read and a great result
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