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  1. new shots ot the latest swims tackled on the zezerre and tomar rivers...how do I post them????.......nailed some biggies....and some absolute stunners too.....all changed and a little tech help needed?? .........broke my 60 duck!!!
  2. have used it in the past and it does produce when other presentations wont....however I find hessian string loosely twined and frayed camos it better .....with the added benefit that the string takes a glug really well too
  3. could i just add that tank tests are a complete non entity in real terms...no flow...far shallower depth ..usually......no chod or silt....how can it ever give an impression even close to your presentation....dont believe in balanced baits at all...very rarely use a pop up...hardly ever in fact....were talking about hoovers in the first degree...they arent using scales and micrometres...they are simply feeding
  4. was due to do a couple of months on cassien a couple of years back with a mate but health issues made it impossible for me so im interested to hear all i can on cassien still...although after several "rod rage" incidents it wont be a venue i will visit now sadly...a venue with masses of history but i have massive untapped potential to go at in two rivers so that will keep me happy...and no chav culture on them either
  5. is this the place to mention your personal hygene mate??
  6. http://www.carp.com/carp-forum/viewtopic.php?p=463982
  7. sorry for asking the obvious....but whats wrong with a bivvy....and keeping the price down and the surroundings better
  8. will be back over to my house in portugal late summer ...for a few months more renovations (when ive earned enough again)...so will be spending lots of time fishing the zezere river this time again...crystal clear...beaches as good as any coastal water..and hardly a soul around...and some smaller waters too
  9. Thanks for the in-depth reply mate, it's really appreciated. I usually fish the swimming pool when it's available, though tend to fish over to the snags opposite (in to the reedy bay on the left as there seems to be an old weedbed over there, and over to the old staging), and not round the corner, so this could be worth a try. It's frustrating only having the bank on the right of the dam open for certain parts of the year as the shallows in that far corner are always appealing. Was up there last year when they were spawning, and yes, at least it shows they are in there, even if they do go in to hiding after that! Think I will tinker around with the rigs some more as it's interesting what you say about the possibility of being 'done'. I've used fishy baits there lot's, in fact funnily enough I'm using Trigga Ice!. A few visits ago a take on a double 18mm got the pulse racing at 3am, only to find out a 3lb bream was the culprit! Interesting what you say about the channels as well, as most people have tended to say try and find them, but maybe more open water might be worth a try. Thanks again, and I might pick your brain some more over the coming months! P.S. Ardingley looks good, but I don't think I'm quite at that level yet. One day. your welcome mate.....hope you have a few off...above all..stick with it...they really are worth it ...any other help needed...shout up fella.
  10. see now i tried the long soak method with maize ( ala ken townley)...but added stock syrup and strawberry to great effect but it blew out within a few weeks as the lads all got wind of it...never tried it on the hemp.....i my try it on the maple peas to be fair
  11. had my best results on the garlic hemp doing it in the coolerbox method.....found cooking out on the burco damaged the oils too much...dont know if you have found similar??
  12. garlic hemp is a killer on one of my old waters....went through months and months of motionless bobbins...and had a little think...got on it and started hitting them in a way i could only of dreamed of....garlic in anything...is without doubt my big confidence bait....even had lobs crawling around in garlic paste at one point and injected the tag end to give bouyancy....accounted for some good fish....nice to hear a like mind on here!!
  13. yes mate...used to keep mine in the cooking liquor and let them get well soupy...maybe something down to the oil content before cooking too???..i always put it down to the oils leaching out when i put them in a sugar syrup etc after cooking them out......interesting to get another viewpoint as very few people bother with them
  14. straight after preparing i agree...but they lose bouancy with soaking
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