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The nest, Winteringham, North Lincs


I got told about this place and that it was fishing well


They wernt wrong.... i must have had 40 fish on the bank in 6 hours......i ended up taking my second rod out of the water!!


but 99% of the fish i caught were in a horriffic condition

mouths deformed, ripped, lips missing, one even had its pectoral snapped in half ... sort of hanging on by a thread....


its was a massive shame, every time i got the fishes head out the water the first thing i was stuck by was ther terrible mouths....kind of upsetting really


....ive fished quite a few day ticket waters but never seen anything like this.


Is there any way of the environment agency forcing the owner to have a barbless hooks only rule (i was pretty shocked that this grossly over-stocked day ticket venue didnt have one already) coz im sure its cowboy anlglers using barbed hooks thats causing this??????????


i absoluty hated seeing the fish like this and would urge anyone NOT to go there and support the place

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nothing to do with hooks,

a lack of care on catching the fish is what this is,

no unhooking mats, no landing nets, or right dodgy keep nets even,

bad handling, ive heard of so called anglers kicking fish around for fun before throwing them back, you wouldn't be believe the lack of respect.

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Samytee, can I ask, is it one of those waters where you can only use their bait/pellets? I ask because I once fished a very well known commercial near Kidderminster and the fish were exactly how you describe them.


This place absolutely crams the fish into their pools and feeds them in winter with a particular pellet. This pellet is the only sort that may be used and the competition for feed amongst the fish means that the only food souce they will ever encounter will have a hook in it. It is just not possible to blank.


I won't give the name of the place but it's off the A449, just south of Kidderminster. I wouldn't fish there again if it was the only place left on earth. I'd take up golf, first!



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The use of barbless hooks may be the reason for the mouth damage. I dont wont to turn this into a barbed v barbless argument as this has been done over and over again. I personaly believe that a barbed hook causes less damage if it is removed correctly but the may be people on the day ticket water who are not doing this. I am afraid that the conditon of these fish is not isolated to this lake but may day ticket waters that are heavily stocked. The only advice I could give anyone is not to fish the lake and then perhaps they will conisder the fish welfare if it starts to hit them in the pocket.



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no they have no bait bans or bait specs.... you can use whatever you like...... definatly over stocked.... all day the whole water surface was fizzing with bubbles.... never seen anything quite like it.... i fished with 2 rods but ended up taking the second out after a few hours....


after i landed 40+ fish i was getting bored and pretty [censored]ed off with the state of the mouths.... so at 3pm i left


all the damage apart from one fish (which had a snapped pectoral fin) were damaged in the mouth...


when i went for a look around a few days before there were a few gypos fishin with mickey mouse style gear....


its a shame that the owner doesnt give a toss about her fish

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to be fair, they are not all like this,

i have fished carp puddle's for fun once or twice, not my cup of tea but the one i went to, i caught 50 carp in a few hours and all were hard fighting and in brill conditon, not a mark on them, however, the baliffs are hot.

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