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  1. I live next to the tidal trent, near s(censored)horpe, the river is very wide and muddy. ive never thought about fishing it, untill someone told me they knew someone who has had BIG carp and cats from it. any advice would be appreciated, i wouldnt know where to start
  2. im in the process of leasing a lake from the council too, your best ringing them and finding out exactly who you need to deal with (i spent many pointless phone calls before i spoke to the right person) and see a solicitor when you draw up contracts, make sure that the council dont sneak things in, like "alternate use" for them, which basically means they can lease it out to a boating club or diving club as well. They may also help you with stocking and help you planting trees etc. Im getting 3 years free rent and a woodland grant!! Make sure you speak to the right person and get them on your side from the start, get a solicitor, and dont fall out with the council!! good luck
  3. Hi mate, it was dug about 15 years ago The reason why im asking on here is because i know a few fishery owners use these forums. Im just an angler whos lucky enough to have a pond in the garden Its only a little place, 6 pegs, so its not really worth me paying hundereds to a consultant. my little project
  4. sorry i should have explained myself a bit better, In my lake there is no natural food (or very little) There is hardly any weed either i suffer from exactly the same problems as the lake in the article, probobly worse, earlier on this year we took out loads of fish (small carp and small roach) The lake also had no predators, so we put in some perch and chub so next years fry shouldnt be as big a problem. I want to encourage the growth of micro-organisms and therefore feed the natural food items and in the end feed the fish and make them grow......(nothing in the lake has grown for the last 5 years!!! apart from the greedy little carp) .... so my plan is to put horse manure in the margins, put some weeds and lillies in, maybe some snails and other bugs i can beg steal and borrow. and while im doing this feed the fish with pellets in the open water to stop them eating all what im trying to create does that sound alright? and is this the right time of year to start basically oh yeah and ive just siltexed the whole water
  5. Ive been reading this very interesting article http://www.carp.com/article60.html and im wondering - would now be the right time time to spread horse manure in the margins? and feed the fish with pellets to keep them off the natural food?
  6. Ive read in a lot of articles and different people have told me that locating the carp is the key, and i know it is true. However these articles say, "look for bubbles", "look for tail paterns" "look for clouds of silt" and "look for fish jumping" etc. Thats all well and good and has caught me many fish in a few small lakes near me. But what about when you are on a masive open stretch of water, where there is a constant ripple, theres no way of spotting bubbles, and youve got to be very lucky if you happen to be looking in the right spot at the right time when a fish jumps out the water. Am i missing something here?
  7. The worst time this has happened to me, i had the fishes mouth out the water, just edging it toward the net....... then net mesh got caught on a branch or something in the margin and i couldnt lift the net into the fish........... in all the commotion the hook slipped and my rod straightened out..... but fish layed there on its side, as if it was still hooked, i franticly tried to free the net and scoop it... but in the blink of an eye it up-righted and slowly swam off into the depths Gutted...... that image will stay with me forever, the PB ghostie that got away
  8. Beacause of the limited budget im on, im only going to be stocking it with fish 5lb max..... this is a long term investment i definatly need some proffesional help, which is on its way, but in the mean time id like to hear other peoples views do you think i should stock carp only? or introduce other species ive got a blank canvas here to play with and what is a good amount of carp per acre to stock ? beacuse like you say, i realy dont want to over stock it
  9. its probably about 6 acres and an average depth of 4 feet
  10. Ive just got a leasehold on a lake ... .... it was dug by the council a few years ago and has no fish in it... i want to stock it with carp only (is this ok? - ie should i be stocking any predetors or other fishes) and what is a good strain of carp or a good supplier to use ? im on a limited budget so i cant afford big carp thanks for any help/advice
  11. been down with a marker float and cast it out in a few fishable areas..... but even at 15 foot down it was getting clogged up with weed.... how do u stop the ring getting jammed?
  12. no they have no bait bans or bait specs.... you can use whatever you like...... definatly over stocked.... all day the whole water surface was fizzing with bubbles.... never seen anything quite like it.... i fished with 2 rods but ended up taking the second out after a few hours.... after i landed 40+ fish i was getting bored and pretty [censored]ed off with the state of the mouths.... so at 3pm i left all the damage apart from one fish (which had a snapped pectoral fin) were damaged in the mouth... when i went for a look around a few days before there were a few gypos fishin with mickey mouse style gear.... its a shame that the owner doesnt give a toss about her fish
  13. thanks for the advice.... going to start feeding them some halibut pellets uploaded these photos to show you what im up against BEFORE IT FLOODED As you can just see there is a long(3/4 mile) thin (150yards) trench this was very deep 15 feet in the margins with a shelf going to 25feet+ AFTER IT FLOODED Now you can see just how much it has flooded.... the actual water level has rising by 15-20 feet..... and the whole right hand side and top side of the lake is totaly un fishable apart from a small section in the right corner[/img]
  14. willow bank definatly DOES allow night fishing....that link must be old or false[/i]
  15. Willow bank fisheries near s(censored)horpe, north lincs ... carp up to 35lb in all 3 lakes.. and catfish up to 70lb in 2 of the lakes.... i think its quite expensive though.... 30+ for a night session google "willow bank kirton" i think its quite an easy water, coz my mate caught a few fish and he is just a "cast onto the horizon and hope" kind of angler... so if your good at watercraft you should get them going.. .....although matt hayes fished here overnight on "the great rod race" for the cats and caught nothing.... ha Edited to remove swearing. This is not allowed in any form, please don't do it again. Stoogi.
  16. ahh.... after reading that... it sounds that a lot of the damage could be caused by joker anglers dragging the fish out the water and barbless hooks as they move around the mouth ..... it does sound like the same damage
  17. yea i would be happy if i caught one fish from here.... its very clear and all the carp are 30-40 years old!! so all of em should be fighting fit monsters
  18. The nest, Winteringham, North Lincs I got told about this place and that it was fishing well They wernt wrong.... i must have had 40 fish on the bank in 6 hours......i ended up taking my second rod out of the water!! but 99% of the fish i caught were in a horriffic condition mouths deformed, ripped, lips missing, one even had its pectoral snapped in half ... sort of hanging on by a thread.... its was a massive shame, every time i got the fishes head out the water the first thing i was stuck by was ther terrible mouths....kind of upsetting really ....ive fished quite a few day ticket waters but never seen anything like this. Is there any way of the environment agency forcing the owner to have a barbless hooks only rule (i was pretty shocked that this grossly over-stocked day ticket venue didnt have one already) coz im sure its cowboy anlglers using barbed hooks thats causing this?????????? i absoluty hated seeing the fish like this and would urge anyone NOT to go there and support the place
  19. no but ive tryed coiling it in a mug ..... it just seems to wrap its self around itself....... could it be because im using light mono line? are you supposed to use a stiffer hooklink for zigs
  20. Always put the welfare of the fish before anything else ..... make sure the rig is safe.... read up on safety clips and safety leads
  21. How do you cast a zig when the hook legnth is 12ft ?? ive tryed the method of coiling it around something circular and casting and ive tryed using pva tape but every time i reel it in its a mess! please help
  22. Cheers mate..... and hello everybody... im sick of fishing over-stocked over-fished day ticket waters and here in north lincs there are very few decent syndicates (well ones that i know about any way)..... .... so im up for the challenge
  23. Just up the road from me is an old huge open-cast iron ore mine... very deep (over 50ft+ in places) which used to be a day ticket water.... ....one of the best days fishing i had as a youngster was here, fishing the slider float in the margins (which were 15 feet deep!!!) and catching lots of big tench all through the morning.... but about 10 years ago lake flooded onto the farmers field and has the water level came up by about 15 feet and has remained at this level since.... so all the pegs and areas that used to be fished are all 300 yards across what was the field... there is however one spot (off what used to be a cliff) that looked quite deep.... 2 years ago i fished this spot hoping for these tench.... and as i was fishing i saw a massive carp swim past my feet.... definatly a 30+ and this is what kinda got me into carp fishing..... .... now im going to attempt this venue for the carp i know that nobody fishes it but what sort of baits would work on such a water where natural food will be high and where the fish will have never seen a pellet or boilie? and the sheer size of the water and the fact that you cannot yet to the bank side in many places (due to cliff faces covered in thick trees) mean that many areas of the lake are totally un-fishable basicaly where do i start??? anyone else fished this kind of unknown before?
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