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  1. i got the Wychwood Extricator a year or so back now, about £35 i believe, comes in very handy being 6ft, getting into spaces most others cannot! highly recommend it! Tom
  2. Jumped on the Pebble bandwagon, nice bit of kit, looks smart and hopefully it'll keep me going on the bank!
  3. have to say when I was using shelf-life bait, Nash Scopex Squid liver plus robin red more often than not did the damage! Utmost confidence in it!
  4. Right, I know there's been previous posts about this place, however there hasn't been one for a while, and in particular Welford. I'm interested in fishing both really, so any kind of info' would be grand! I've heard that there's 30LB+ fish in the Sulby one, with others telling me they went into the Welford Resevoir. I'd love to find out some information on stocks, depths, peg info', bait info' anything really for both waters I hope someone can help me, thanks a lot Tom
  5. hopefully we can get a local on here to give us all some kind of info, seems a nice place and it's local
  6. The speci lake is the one mate. Meat's always a good bait particularly in the margins, but ive had some good fish there on artificial corn and boilies too. thanks mate, i will give meat a go on a hair rig see how i get on, and the other rod on some boilies, sounds like a plan, thanks for the help, Tom
  7. i think i will be paying this venue a visit as soon as i get back from holiday in about 2 weeks. Which lake is everyone talking about here the match lake or the specimen lake? And is the best bait luncheon meat then? Thanks alot Tight Lines Tom
  8. tbh the rigs I continually use no. Are just the lead clip system from Korda and the chod rig also by Korda. I seem to always do well with these and in some conditions change the hooklink length to suit. Thanks for your help Tom
  9. yes this is the one I mentioned I saw but it doesn't really provide me with alot of information I was after There was nothing stopping you posting your question in that thread People would still have answered and all the cotswold bait information would be in the same thread for the next person who decides they want to search on Cotswold baits. okai what's done is done
  10. yes this is the one I mentioned I saw but it doesn't really provide me with alot of information I was after
  11. i understand it's general but i don't want a detailed answer a yes - and the name of the bait would be more than good enough,
  12. Right after spending 25 minutes with the search i could only find one thread that was about them, so is there anybody that uses them and if so do they catch and what is the best flavour ? Or should i just stick to mainline and dynamite? Thanks Alot Tom
  13. thanks a lot ! what could you recomend for a surface bait? bread ? dog biscuits ? pop ups ? and how many carp would you be expecting to takee in a 8 hour day - from 8 - 4 ? and is it possible to night fish it and what is the name of the place ? Sorry for all the questions just seems like you know what's what down there and i have yet to fish it , Tight Lines Tom
  14. I definately wouldnt bother This place is cess pit chav central. which lake are you referring to there?
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