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Nash Dwarf Rods

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Hi guys,

I'm looking at Nash Dwarf rods for when I'm really tight for space in the car.

I already have 2 x Nash hgun 9ft 2.75lb rods. I've always found them to feel like broom sticks compared to my Greys Prodigy Plus 12ft 2.75lb rods.

Ideally I'll like something with a similar feel to my Greys but at 9ft or 10ft and the price if a dwarf to fit across the boot of the Mrs car.

I've just tried a current 10ft 2.75lb dwarf and it felt incredibly stiff still.

Are the scopes any better?

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I've gone Sonik Xtractor myself. Similar size, weight etc, but at a better price point. Had a pair of 9' 3lb for a couple of years now, and no issues whatever. Good fun rods. Carp up to mid twenties with ease (and heavier one day I hope!).

This may interest... https://www.total-fishing-tackle.com/blog/best-telescopic-rods

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