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cutting rods down to make stalking rods

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I am fishing a lovely syndicate lake at the moment that has dug out pegs in beautiful,miles from anywhere, surroundings. thing is the owner (not a fisherman) allows no cutting of trees reeds ect..... Quite right it's a littltle paradise of 8 acres.


The thing is its becoming increasing hard to cast a 12ft rod because of the trees above the swims. I think it's best Left that way and have to adapt to the situation.


I have been skint for ages so can't afford new rod so was thinking of cutting down a few 12 ft rods to 8-10ft. I have 3x. 2.5lb rods only kept as spares for kids but never use them and am thinking of chopping them,cutting 2-3ft off the butt section. Obviously the fugi reel grip will not fit. Can you get smaller diameter ?


has anyone any input in chopping down rods?

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Have you got a Boyes store round your way,they do short 6" 8" Fladen spinning rods for £15 £20,they have large eyes and make good stalking rods.I have a 1oz casting weight 6 footer and I have had carp to 15lb on it.

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Thanks for info jules and zammo......just seen TF gear do a short stalking rod called Banshee they seem only sell them in pairs but on eBay they are sold individually at £29 ......anyone used these.?


I have read this morning they are cut down blanks. I have built many rods but these seem to fit the bill and save the hassle of messing.


Would like a full cork butt section but in this day of off the shelf buying from tackle shops may be more hassle than its worth.

When I first started carp fishing you could only buy blanks and build them yourself which is much more satisfying.

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I have a 2 12ft banshee feeders and a marker a spod, they're great, especially for the price, I think they were 2 for £60 when I got them.


The only problem I had was one of the eyes on one of the quivertips was blocked, I emailed them, and got 2 replacements (one for each rod) the very next day.


That was from fishtec all though I ordered from the TFG website.


TFG does get a slating at times, but these I cannot fault and the companies I dealt with were awesome :)

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Have a look on used tackle,s website they do a 9ft stalking rod at £10

Bought my wife one in 10ft and she had 4 carp 13-13.5lb last week and the rod handled them fine and they where right scrappers.

I had a few casts with it seems a great little rod so nice i am going to set it up as my surface rod when she is not using it.

Better than spoiling your other rods.

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