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  1. Hmmm! Food for thought...no pun intended ......I rang bait and feed company on this issue and they gave exact answer as nick. I am satisfied that things with air drieds are ok. Let's face it soluballs and pellets are much the same. Think I'll get a blumming cane rod (or fibreglass much bettter than carbon but thats another thread)and worm maggots and cheese And enjoy rather than over thinking .
  2. So....playing devils advocate feeding unprepared particles is ok because carp crush them up and defecate them in around 20 minutes? Daft argument I know but feeding carp balls of solid powder would take on water quickly thus causing probable gut problems. Reason being when I soak my baits they can take hours to soften up thus harder to pass through the system Also if thrown in lake unsoaked in a smelly silty area they take on some quite rotten smells. I want to use air dried baits because I have a good system going ....airing cupboard ect... But the above worried me because of the Carps health. Probably nothing to worry myself about
  3. I have little space for a freezer for bait so I either make them fresh as needed or buy small amounts of freezer baits as required.....but expensive. A lot of companies now offer air drying service (tempting) but the more I think of it the more it worrries me. I would always my own air dry baits then rehydrate them over 12-24 hours. I spoke to someone recently who just says buy several kilos of air dried baits and a few frozen ones for easy hooking because air dried can be rock hard. Surely these air dried baits to a novice including me who hasn't thought of it and chucked a few in areas without hydrating them will swell in the Carps gut like the old days with poorly prepared nuts?? Which got them banned in a lot of lakes. An 18mll boilie can shrink a hell of a lot when air dried. I think Shaun Harrison at quest baits is a big advocate of rehydrating but not sure what he says about his shelf life boilies. Would love some feedback please excuse my dyslexia
  4. Link for cheap stalker rod can be bought as singles on famous auction site E.... http://www.fishtec.co.uk/online.cfm/carp-rods/tf-gear-banshee-stalker-rod/40/yes/59363
  5. Link for bansheee http://www.fishtec.co.uk/online.cfm/carp-rods/tf-gear-banshee-stalker-rod/40/yes/59363
  6. Thanks for info jules and zammo......just seen TF gear do a short stalking rod called Banshee they seem only sell them in pairs but on eBay they are sold individually at £29 ......anyone used these.? I have read this morning they are cut down blanks. I have built many rods but these seem to fit the bill and save the hassle of messing. Would like a full cork butt section but in this day of off the shelf buying from tackle shops may be more hassle than its worth. When I first started carp fishing you could only buy blanks and build them yourself which is much more satisfying.
  7. I am fishing a lovely syndicate lake at the moment that has dug out pegs in beautiful,miles from anywhere, surroundings. thing is the owner (not a fisherman) allows no cutting of trees reeds ect..... Quite right it's a littltle paradise of 8 acres. The thing is its becoming increasing hard to cast a 12ft rod because of the trees above the swims. I think it's best Left that way and have to adapt to the situation. I have been skint for ages so can't afford new rod so was thinking of cutting down a few 12 ft rods to 8-10ft. I have 3x. 2.5lb rods only kept as spares for kids but never use them and am thinking of chopping them,cutting 2-3ft off the butt section. Obviously the fugi reel grip will not fit. Can you get smaller diameter ? has anyone any input in chopping down rods?
  8. I found korda Subline poor at sinking for a few weeks and was forever dipping the rod tips in to sink that last bit. I put 15lb which is a very thick 0.40mm....more like 20lb line However a few weeks later I bought some X line which sinks like a brick, my lake is 8 acres but has lots of islands so the longest cast are around 60 yards. Blow me down the subline started to work great, sinks and cast well. it is also abrasive and resiliant. maybe it neeeded time to settle So at least I can say Subline =good, xline=slighly better in the right situation. Only problem now is which spool to use.
  9. Daiwa's Theory's I have would payed more they are superb. Saying that I got 3x 2.75lb test ones for £250. Really glad i bought them.
  10. Sorry to be a pain but I guess a forum is for sharing and asking advice. Can anyone out there give me a review of the Fox Illuminated (or not illuminated) Euro Swinger? Can't seem to find a user review Ive read in the fox blurb that they are great for long range fishing but Ive also heard that they have a spring mechanism that allows them to be fished slack line neutrally balanced???....does that mean they have a line grip and indicator drops back when a fish runs towards you and the running lead causes friction on the tubing? I use 1-2.5 oz leads with tubing which the syndicate insists upon. These light leads even with large plastic loops fitted still tend to drag on the tubing and bring the end tackle back towards you. The Fox Euros are very expensive and Im not into tartism just these look more funtional for all round situations. Its either Euros or Stows or nanos or neo's or plutos or gremlins, fairy bottle tops or a lump of bread or Tin foil on a stick....sorry for being a pain .. Any one willing to review the Euros for me?
  11. I think I mentioned earlier I have some nano bugs but struggle to get them to grip the line, they just keep falling off even with o ring pushed up. Also I do get drop backs with running rigs accaisionaly because where only allowed to use light leads and have to use tubing. Even with big rings the tubing causes some restistance.
  12. So do you make the line slack by using a clip on the rod...thus holding the weight or just by laying indicator on the deck? I do like them but for true slack lining a drop back ,which even happens with running leads with tubing (a requirement on the rules of my lake)must be observed in my opinion. I asked earlier a Fox swingers almost neutraly balanced, just enough bias to add weight, fishing slack lined would be ideal but I dont think they have an option to grip the line... Hope we can talk about this further?
  13. Because my syndicate is such a snaggy lake the powers that be are moving closer to insisting that people fish locked up unless all rods are in open water and thus having snag bars. When I think of the power of a fast take, even from a double, the damage could be immense on the buzzer even if you kept the rod. Whats wrong with just sticking a very secure bank stick a few inches in front of the reel handle?
  14. Laughing….wish my first post made more sense. Did it on email then cut it to the forum of my phone. Welder wish my gardners gripped the line like yours but they won’t and I am sick of messing with them. Nick…the fox swingers would but ideal and multi use but they don’t have line grip and I like that feature. Wife wants to buy me something for my birthday so going for korda Stows …eeek! I hear you all say but compared to the original Elstows they do look better made (functionaly) and all other makes stuff fits. I’ve gone over to the darkside . .
  15. A million quid to the man who can helpjavascript:emoticon(':D') I don't want much in lifejavascript:emoticon(':)') I would just like a hanger around 2 grams or swinger (the swinger must almost neutrally balance and grips the line, do the Fox micro swingers neutrally balance well and can they grip the line??) . This will allow me to fish running rigs, with a slack line rather than bobbins on the deck. My syndicate also insists on tubing so even with a running rig and rulke insisted light lead the odd drop back indication is inevitable because of the friction. I may choose to fish fixed or semi fixed rigs near to snags locked up and have still need of good drop back indication and still prefer slack line because the use of back leads interferes so much with drop back indication???.. The defiant heads do that in that the MK11 grips the line but are heavy…..the defiant MK1 are light but don’t grip the line I have some Gardner nano’s but the line gripin the bug ears seems hopeless because the line just keeps falling out however tight I moved the O rig up. I have even lightly sawed a line in the Bug ear prongs but that soon wore out. Alternative anyone? Light hanger or swinger in blue with tight line grip that won’t mean selling the badger reels javascript:emoticon(':D') I can hear you all thinking Korda Stows……..but I’d rather not, I am no snob but with them you are stuck with the line grip or nothing I beleive .
  16. Does anyone know if the Muddy Waters Clinga Old Skool hangers fit the Gardner Bug chains, or indeed any hangers (at a good price...around 2 grams, that grip the line) do even the Korda stow fit the graner chains..? I'm finding the Gardner nano hard work using them slack line. I even put a cut into the line grippa .....that helped a while but has gotten tired. They just keep sliding like a normal hanger.
  17. A suggestion for those who are worried about lines being crossed when playing a fish close in, especially at night. A of lot people I have witnessed seem to use back leads for this reason but I simply drop the front end of the rod off the bite alarm when playing a carp (very retro eh!). The tip ring and thus the line is touching the bottom. This trick gets more difficult with a 3 rod buzz bars or pods so that’s why I use single banks sticks a fair distance apart and pointing at the rig. This does not look tarty though so folks may not see you as a proper Carper:) but since I’ve gone back to single bank sticks life has become easier and indication better (slack lines)……why have 3 or 4 rods out exactly parallel then cast at 90 degrees to the left and right if not just to look neat and tidy (tarty).
  18. I have been thinking of buying a set of these alarms due to too many Delkim failures on several sets. Not interested in a Fox V delkim debate . All I want to know is what batteries the Fox RX alarms and reciever take. Googling just won't give up the answer...Help please.
  19. Probably been asked before but search is complicated. How long would you keep a shelf life(not air dried boilies with confidence? I have some from last year some say they are too old some say no problem they last for years. I’ve met anglers that have 2 year old shelf life that catch great. how long will they last under the right conditions?
  20. Mine is on home insurance at no extra cost, I didnt even mention fishing tackle, which I suppose was careless. People told me that I should be carful and that it probably wasn't covered on home insurance when on the bank ect... but I made a claim and it was successful no questions asked. I have a theory that if I went to insurance company and asked if my tackle was insured they would probably say no and want some more dosh....kind of a catch 22.
  21. The replies have been great thank you for taking the time to consider my thoughts.I have to be brief again because on the bank and using phone to reply..its hard not using txt talk when replying on phone. I fish a lot within 15 yards and would any of you consider free lining an option? that's to me is a test of a lead free as opposed to a running rig.. Does that require sitting on rods and not bivvied up all night asleep because you may have to strike....like the good old days except we had to strike through the cat meat paste lol I have used 1.5oz leads with running rigs for years...I think the resistance of even a big running ring on tubing provides some setting of the hook. or does it? does a correctly set hair rig with correct length do job perfectly?. I don't know if I have the faith to free line all night whilst asleep. I find this interesting. Many won't lol..LOL
  22. Is it really just the hook that’s needed to hook the fish? Been thinking a bit last few days, the topic has been probably covered on here, in various forms, but I would really love to know if anyone has done research on it. I came to the conclusion years ago that 4oz fixed leads weren’t necessary to nail Carp, maybe a bigger lead for distance...... Though in my experience a 2oz lead can go very far with a lower test curve rod, and the big leads were probably helping fish discharge the hook. I’d like to hear of empirical evidence so it must be able to be replicated……Gosh that kind of takes the mystery and fun out of the sport doesn’t it?.. . I do know a lot of the nitty gritty gets discussed on here and people get accused of not doing their own work but I am a great believer in pooling thoughts....though I don't have many I will always share what I can The experiment I am thinking of doing needs an over stocked hungry water in the summer and several rigs but freelining would have to be the control. If I am to prove the question that the hook not the weight of the lead pierce’s the carp’s mouth and hooks it then this needs to be observed a few times. Obviously such things as the weight of line drag, slack lines, clipping up and bait runners need to be added in. Think I’m even boring myself now Anyone done it?
  23. Well what a miserable night had to eat cold chili and only drank council pop (water) Must write a list to check of essentials for night fishing in winter its a tough time without a stove but not too bad because I'm from up north . Got to pack up soon and everything just covered in mud, its not like I haven't been in this position before, many times, but last night got to me a bit .....can you tell . All that for a 9lb mirror. The good thing is I re-learnt something from my very early days of carping I was stood over my rods for a while and my Delkim gave a one bleep and I struck and hooked the above Carp. I think that's a good advert for running rigs/slack lines which give such good indication..The running lead was only an ounce. I have often left those single bleeps but in winter that may be all you get. If I was using a semi or fixed heavy lead then I believe I may have been done. I think that I would have had no indication unless it had developed into a full blown run by the fish moving the length of the hook link and causing a bolt effect. Maybe in winter fish "mouth" baits and drop them, they just cant be bothered to move far.. So I think I'm going back to twitching for fish and short sesion carping ...eh! jules......obviously twitching for carp is not that practical all night but I used to do it all day many winters ago and its quite pleasing to connect to a fish after only a micro movement on the bobbin. Think Ive changed the topic in my own thread ....sorry. Tarp over the back of the car idea is brilliant and to be sure I wont bivvy up again in these conditions. If I'm parked behind my swim what's the point especially on this particular lake where its so stoney, dare I say it, you have to use a mallet to get the pegs in . Cant put it off any longer Im packing up my kit... This has sounded more like a blog....sorry Nick delete if not appropriate. Oh well back to the mud...do you think maccy d's will let me in on way home looking like a swamp monster and smelling like a homeless person who likes fish
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