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  1. Ok, was going to edit my last post and continue on there, but I can't figure out how to edit :/ Where was I? Oh yeah... So around an hour after I landed my first fish of the session, I've managed to set up properly and get the kettle on, and my left hand rod shot off again! This is where Rookie error number 2 comes in, I'd left my landing net in the water, but on the wrong side of my pod, so I grab the handle whilst trying to ensure I didn't snag my right hand rod and lift up, my landing net collapses under the weight and folds up on its self, so here I am with fish number 2, having to call Tom from peg 2 over to help me net this one too! 2 hours later and I catch the smallest fish in the lake, must have only been 2lbs! but I'm now sitting on 3 fish in just as many hours and the chap who left peg one (and did a fine job baiting it up for me, thanks Kieran ) didn't catch anything in that time! All goes quiet from here on out, until 3am. I'm not sure why, but I woke up all of a sudden with a strange feeling I needed to check my rods, put my shoes and coat on, open the Bivvy, step outside as my alarm (left hand rod again) starts to blip, then a couple of blips before a screaming run, a good 15 minute fight and I land number four, reset my rods and head back to bed, and all is quiet until the morning. so Sunday morning arrives and brings me the highlight of my trip, my new PB and first 20! Again, my left hand rod just tucked up against the reed bed in the margin with a handful of freebies around goes off on a slow but steady run, I strike the rod and Instantly wake the fish up, I fought this thing, having it strip line off the reel at what seemed like 100Mph and only just clawing back what it takes before it darts off again, for what was probably 20 minutes but seemed like an hour! I get it to the edge of the net and can tell instantly, this is a big fish, possibly a new personal best! Now the scales I brought off fleabay on a mega low budget (£4) are probably not very accurate and I weighed this fish in my net, which I weighed again after I returned the fish (at 2lb) so I'm rounding down a little due to inaccuracy, but when these scales read 24,87lb, I was overjoyed! I've finally broken the 20lb barrier!! I put the fish back in the net, put the net in the lake and held it there until my Girlfriend got back to take a photo for me (on my phone as hers had died, you;ll notice the decrease in image quality) I land my last fish a few hours after that and all goes quiet from there on out, I brought my rods in Sunday night to get some proper sleep (which wasn't easy laying on the floor) and I put them out the following morning but nothing for the last day. I'm scratching my head wondering what I could have done differently to keep the activity in my swim, but I think I may have put out too much bait, I'm not sure, Eddie, the bailiff of the lake said no one ever does that well on peg one and wasn't surprised it died off on the Sunday evening/Monday, but I'm sure I could have done something else to increase productivity. All in all, a productive session and a great learning curve, I've identified what I need to get for next time, how I can be better organised, take less and enjoy myself more... LEAVE THE GIRLFRIEND AT HOME!! Mr Fox
  2. Sorry I wasn't able to update from the bank guys, I had no signal! So I arrived at the lake at 3, had a little wander around the lake, which was pretty busy and found what I thought was a nice swim, unloaded the car and away my lift went. A few minutes later Im told that I can't fish from there as it's no longer a designated peg and I have to find somewhere else, but every peg was full, not exactly off to a good start! I get talking with a few anglers and find out a few will be leaving in a couple of hours, agreed with the chap on peg one that when he left I could have the peg and set up my bivvy not far from the swim and proceeded to set up. A short while later, he pulls his rods in and starts loading his trolley and tells me the swim is all mine and he wishes me luck as he's not had a bite there all the time he's been, so I through my rod out into the margin and before I can even set the bail arm, I'm in!! Was really not prepared, didn't have my landing net set up or anything, luckily the chap on peg 2 came over with his as he heard the commotion and helped me net my first fish of the session! I'll carry on the full write up later, but for now, I had 6 fish, a new Pb and my first 20! All round, a great session!!
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome guys! Ian, great to see you still active on here, you and Nick always gave great advice, a lot of which I'll put into practice this weekend! I'll post a full write-up when I'm back, and may post the odd update from the bank. Watch this space
  4. Thanks for all the replies guys!! Snowmansteveo, that'll be me! I'll be taking the feeder rod with me this weekend Glad to hear a fee of the old names are still active! Thanks for the useful advice carpbell, this'll be the first time I've been but going for 48 hours so should have a fun session on the specimen lake! I'll give the weir tactic a try if I can get close to it, as it's a bonk holiday, I'm guessing it'll be pretty busy! I'll let you all know how I get on when I'm back
  5. Hello Guys! Well its been a few years since I browsed the webpages of this here forum, Loving the new look by the way! due to lack of decent employment, relocating a few times and many other hurdles life has thrown up, I've not managed to get on the bank for a VERY long time! Safe to say now I'm stable and itching to get back on the bank, Rod Licence renewed, Tackle cleaned, replenished and sorted and getting a 48 hour session in next weekend at Dog Lane, near Napton, anyone know it? I've had a browse on the web but not really come across much in the way of recent information, has anyone on here visited recently and able to share a few tips/pointers/general information? How are you all getting on this year? will be good to hear from a few of the old faces (Welder, salokcinnodrog, carefulcarping and the like) as well as some of the new members to the forum. I'll update you all when I'm back from my first session this year, hopefully with a fairly good catch report Until then, have fun guys! Mr Fox!
  6. Agreed, I fish it VERY OCCASIONALLY when I'm testing new gear or techniques (New rigs etc) as I know I'm guaranteed a bend in the rod, but do I enjoy it? Nope.. It's a means to an end! I agree with you bish, to an extent, I recently fished the lee navigation in london, its a right state, and there isn't much in there if I'm honest (We did catch an eel though lol) But I went and fished it for the social side of things, I went with a mate and his brother (Neither of whom know much about fishing which is why they chose this place, but won't learn anything there either, and I'm going to wait until they're on my patch before teaching them some bits and showing them what true fishing is!) Again, I didn't really enjoy the fishing aspect of it, but it was good fun socialising and having a laugh... Places like the lee navigation and Drayton and the like aren't really for those who want to fish, but for those who wan't to socialise whilst doing something that's a bit more involving than camping And like previously said, they keep the noddies and ATGBNI anglers away from the gem's!
  7. Wow! What an awesome session mate! Top angling! Also, Fair play for getting your gear into a 107! It couldn't have been easy, those things are smaller than an old mini on the inside, It's like a wheelie bin with an engine!
  8. I have a 2 12ft banshee feeders and a marker a spod, they're great, especially for the price, I think they were 2 for £60 when I got them. The only problem I had was one of the eyes on one of the quivertips was blocked, I emailed them, and got 2 replacements (one for each rod) the very next day. That was from fishtec all though I ordered from the TFG website. TFG does get a slating at times, but these I cannot fault and the companies I dealt with were awesome
  9. There are plenty of places that sell a pop-up base mix, check the cc moore website. I've been told, but never tried myself yet, that microwaving boilie mix instead of boiling it will make it buoyant, but like I said, never tried so I don't know for certain. Give it a go and see what happens Worth a shot aint it. Hope this helps
  10. It should be ok, try it in a bucket of water so you can see what happens, If after that you're in doubt, leave the hook and hookbait out of the bag and just put the lead in it, the pop up will float away from the lead and mainline on the way down and until the bag dissolves, hopefully eliminating the tangles. Hope that helps
  11. Thanks very much Jules, I appreciate the help and advice! I'll check out the forum shortly too! just one more question mate, If I were to buy one second hand, what should I look out for? I assume, as with most things, there are certain part's so to speak that will take the most wear and tear (take a fishing rod for example, when buying a second hand one, you'd check the condition of the eyes etc, with a car you'd check things like water in the oil system etc) Is there anything like that I should keep an eye out for or are they generally robust without much to go wrong? Sorry for the bombardment of questions, but like I mentioned earlier I am a complete newbie when it comes to this and would like to gather as much information as possible to ensure as best as I can that what I buy will suit my needs for a year or two, maybe longer. Thanks again for your help mate, some beautiful photo's too, can't wait too see some more
  12. He finally gave up at 1am. This morning he couldn't understand why he hadn't caught anything. I wonder? I had a 16lber at 4am. Needless to say he didn't get woken up. Well in mate! I personally would have waited until he was asleep, then taken a spare bobbin and attached it to a spare reel of mine, gone and clipped it to his mainline and ran the line back to my swim, then when I felt he had had enough sleep I'd have given it a pull, simulating a run on his rods, then wet my self laughing as he comes stumbling out of his bivvy striking an inactive rod!
  13. Not to expensive, depends on what you want to look at, you could spend £200 on a scope that would do you proud Awesome, Thank's Jules. It's the planets that intrigue me the most, that and UFO's lol! what sort of telescope should I be looking for? I had a brief look around the web but its all a foreign language to me!
  14. Get the catapult out and pelt him in the head with them! 25mm at least! Actually, sod the boilies, pelt him with 4oz leads!! better still, attach it you a rod and cast at him, you'll definitely get your lead back that way, and improve your accuracy at the same time! Lol! Sorry, It's just Noddy's like that really irritate me, probably the same blokes who insist on yelling at each other from across the lake, or walking past your swim louder than a stampede! For me, Fishing is 70% about the peace and quiet, fat chance of that with these guy's around! Calm down
  15. Wow, I'm only half an hour away by car as well, damn sight cheaper than Drayton too! Thanks lad's, Will definitely have to give there a go soon!
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