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What can I use instead of braid?


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You can either use a slightly thicker braid or hunt down some flat profile braid. Terry Eustace is prototyping some at the moment.


I believe that that and and very fine braids (dyneema) tend to cause more damage than that of a round or loose weave braid like Herculine Heavy.


I've played around with flat braid and it doesnt mark the fish like round braid does. I've had 40's, 50's and 60's on it that dragged me round the lake- but came in with clean mouths. I never got one that sunk though in colors that I liked- so I abandoned it.

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I've been using hooklink braids for absolutely years, since the days of Dacron with very few problems and can't ever recall damaging the mouth of a fish.


I did actually do some tests with some braids which after testing I felt were too thin to use for fishing, and they were the Drennan Carp Super Specialist braids. I managed to knock over my workbench in the shed one day and left myself with a nasty cut on the hand from holding the braid attached to a hook in the vice on the workbench.


As a result I decided to play around with other braids as well. The braids that are sold as Mainline braids often have a Kevlar weave, and so can and will cause damage to the fishes mouth, yet the majority of specialist hooklink braids don't, especially the Kryston range in the heavier strains from 12lb upwards. I felt that the 6,8 and 10lb versions were a bit risky for a hooklink, although as a hair material :wink:


Also if you use a coated braid, then the coating can be removed near the hook, but leave the majority of the coating on, so that it is protected against damaging the carps mouth and cheeks during playing

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When I use very thin braid (20lb =0.17 mm, fireline) I cover the hooklink in PVC tubing that also assist in tangling and prevents it from cutting into underwater plant material. I did not damage any fish with the braid as well but did notice on occasion it removed some scales.


How long was your hook llink???

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15 cm but not using PVA in the past as it is to short to do any harm, or that was my believe, longer than that I use PVA tubing or if 15cm I use PVA tube to keep the hook link down as it is much cheaper than the putty or even cheaper to use crimp lead (BY US).


When going over 15 cm I like to use a sliding sinker with 2 gummy stoppers spaced one just behind the lead and one 5 cm further away, just like a simple bolt rig.


When I want to balance I use a fluro boom with a ring swivel to attach the hook link but my hook link will not be longer than 5cm in this case.


A bit of a long answer but I need to explain how I took the scales off. A normal hook link will not do it less than 15 cm, based on my opinion.


I do not know if the braid might injure the eyes when turning around to fight the rod so I started to cover the mentioned braid with PVA at any length above 7 cm as well or use coated braid.


When I use braid for a leader I cover the first meter in tubing AT ALL TIMES BELOW 0.30, however I am not sure if the right name for the tube is PVA or PVC.


Good question Keenok but as can be seen it is based on my own experience and some changes in known methods and might not be agreeable to all.

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You can either use a slightly thicker braid or hunt down some flat profile braid. Terry Eustace is prototyping some at the moment.


DITTO! 25lbs Silk worm is lovely and flat, never had a problem, thats if they still make it! :oops:

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Keenok, in South Africa is there another name that I can go by just to give you an idea, or any product that you gents know that is good quality exported to South Africa


300M BRAID 20LB= 30 dollars.

coated braid =20m = 10 dollars.

10 m pva mesh= 10 dollars.

Fluro line 200m = 30-20 dollars.


What is the price that you gents actually buy these things for.





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