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  1. Absolute brute! first night too, well done!
  2. hadn't seen these responses until now, thanks very much gentleman! It's a shame they aren't adjustable but some of these ideas look like they'll work. Thanks again.
  3. Got a set of the smaller or 'dinky' version of these and wondered if I could loosen the clasp? Any ideas?
  4. have a look on the forum on that website given above mate, it's specifically for the lake
  5. Managed one on a zig last thursday at twynersh, well happy!
  6. Same thing happened to me, purchased mine a month ago but it never came! I'm at uni so it doesn't matter for now but it's a bit concerning
  7. Good decision, the stealth is one reliable brolly!
  8. My brother uses chub vizor, it's a very good bivvy, he uses the 1 man but it's a very roomy one man so the two man will probably be very spacious. nice peak on it too.
  9. Aw, that must be annoying! I remember having the tiniest bit of lag but this didn't annoy me as much as the receiver going beserk and the false hope of a run
  10. Did i read correctly that the g2's are beep for beep on receiver? The only flaw i personally found with the other sundridge alarms was the over-reacting receiver ( something like 4 bleeps to one on the alarm?) Anyway, being in the market for some new alarms these are very appealing!
  11. mindgame

    Pavyotts Mill

    I guess it was night so there wouldn't have been a scenic background anyway! I'm really not sure with the lost fish, i was fishing tight to an island and i'd get a run only to find myself locked up from something, i'd felt a kick on some of them but then there'd be nothing and i'd have to pull it free from whatever, buried in the island slope maybe?
  12. mindgame

    Pavyotts Mill

    By no means am i one of those to criticise anyone that fishes there buddy, i think it's very small-minded the way some people comment on the place. After all, i met some really decent chaps that are regulars and i would never insult them.
  13. mindgame

    Pavyotts Mill

    I feel nervous to dare type this venue into the title given its somewhat concerning reputation! There is a lot of bad press on the venue which i fully appreciate and it is by no means a place i would choose to visit, however, recently my brother (an un-experienced angler who is not informed with the troubles regarding imported fish and disease spread etc.) had quietly booked us on for a weekend not to my knowledge as an early present. As much as i didn't want to go, i didn't want to appear ungrateful and very much wanted to spend some time with him, he sounded very excited over the phone! To cut to the chase, we fished the Maze lake..holding fish to something like 50lb. It is by no means a runs water but not the most difficult, I had 4 runs..and unfortunately only saw one on the bank! And my brother also had the one fish. The cabins are comfortable, supplying beds so you just need your sleeping bag and very spacious too, with adequate room for all the gadgets. Each swim appears to have its own designated fishing area, not much room really with what has to be the most islands i've ever encountered in a lake, so plenty of visual features. The first night was quiet, no bleeps or anything. I changed my tactics for the second evening by fishing very tight to the islands. This night was exceptionally cold, had to have hit at least zero as beers had frozen! and my alarms froze, aswell as the reels etc. but this didn't stop a few runs developing to which i landed just the one.. a kind of near-full linear at 25lb 2oz Got to be said, a most unattractive background for the picture, forgot it was behind me! A pleasant sunset.. So all in all, really enjoyed the time with my brother and the other anglers were some of the friendliest i've ever met. But won't be going back, too much is done for you and you lose that unique closeness with the wilderness that i like from bivvying up on a more peaceful venue.
  14. Thanks for the advice =) and i completely agree with the power lines, i thought they added to the picture!
  15. that made me pull back and wince then it does seem silly to have not keeled over and kept it right above the mat with a fish of that size "/
  16. i wouldnt question the weight to be honest, what settled it for me was looking at your left hand, from what i can see that is a very wide fish on the bottom, not to mention the incredible length
  17. top read mate, and a real gem of a pool you have there, beautiful fish aswell! good luck to you in the future
  18. probably has! actually can't remember the ghosty about 18lb i think, common was 20lb 4oz
  19. some others think so too, got a bit of a nickname going now on the lakes lol cheers for the comments guys.
  20. woah thats a true stunner mate! i respect your wanting to keep the place private lol
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