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  1. hadn't seen these responses until now, thanks very much gentleman! It's a shame they aren't adjustable but some of these ideas look like they'll work. Thanks again.
  2. Got a set of the smaller or 'dinky' version of these and wondered if I could loosen the clasp? Any ideas?
  3. have a look on the forum on that website given above mate, it's specifically for the lake
  4. Good decision, the stealth is one reliable brolly!
  5. My brother uses chub vizor, it's a very good bivvy, he uses the 1 man but it's a very roomy one man so the two man will probably be very spacious. nice peak on it too.
  6. Aw, that must be annoying! I remember having the tiniest bit of lag but this didn't annoy me as much as the receiver going beserk and the false hope of a run
  7. Did i read correctly that the g2's are beep for beep on receiver? The only flaw i personally found with the other sundridge alarms was the over-reacting receiver ( something like 4 bleeps to one on the alarm?) Anyway, being in the market for some new alarms these are very appealing!
  8. have a look at acorn carp fishery if you haven't already, does night fishing too.
  9. agreed i use the drennan super specialists, very light but reliable hook. £1 a pack is a great money saver!
  10. I don't think it has ever tangled on me either, so long as you leave some coating on the middle section of the rig. I find soft braid always tangles on the cast.
  11. If it's really a pain to get right, you could just not use it, i doubt it will make much difference to your catch rate.
  12. Hmmm i think you can re-freeze them but if you want to be safe, just take out the amount you will use on your session and leave the rest in the freezer
  13. That was my exact reaction, i was gutted at the waste but now i freeze them so it doesnt happen again! Unlucky mate
  14. The hemp will definitely be gone, i remember leaving mine for a few weeks and they smelt soooooo bad.
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