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  1. As someone who takes their photography seriously, I find that bridge cameras try to to do so much that they do little very well. For fishing purposes I use a small fixed lens camera, a Fuji x100s (using my feet as a zoom) or an iphone, but given your stated budget I would look at the Sony RX100 2 or 3. The thing is, taking something big and expensive like a DSLR fishihg just adds to weight, and if you're as clumsy as me runs the risk of dropping it the drink.
  2. You are quite right. If we think about it logically, how many people would be pre baiting a lake during the course of a campaign? Probably far more than we think, all with a combination of the baits you mention and then some. Do you think that, after all is said and done, any decent boilie will catch fish and everything else is our psychological reactions to different baits.
  3. I did this once, buying 5k of randoms from essential I think. I had a good session, caught on different sizes, flavours and types. A longer campaign would be needed to see if there was any advantage/disadvantage though. I can't claim to be an expert, but I don't think it would matter too much. I reckon the carp would just go where the food is even if it were all different types!
  4. Crikey, humbled by reading that lot. Best of luck on all fronts fella.
  5. I'm the opposite! Once the temperature of the water starts to fall, I tend to hold back a bit. It does depend on the water, but I'm more inclined to fish a spread of boilies and single baits with a v small (usully cloudy) stick. I find the fish in Oct/Nov are - as was previously metioned - hunting for food and preparing for the lean eating winter, but they are likely to feed in short bursts rather than graze for long periods as when the water is warm....Hence, overbaiting may well kill the swim before you begin. Of course I may be completely wrong, but this tends to work for me in this time of year....nothing bloddy works in January though!
  6. My newest purchases, one this year and another early next, will be: having my exisiting 2.75tc rods reringed (is that a word?) as the silica guides on three rings have gone or are about to go and the remainder don't look too clever. In addition to this I'm in for a new pair of rods at a higher test curve, my eye is on Free Spirit, funds allowing. New Year I'm after a new short session bivvy, with more room than my brolly. Leaning toward DJS tackle at the moment!
  7. That's good advice re the knot. I use a leader on my marker rod, not for shock purposes but to stop the pain in the neck tangles of using braid right through. It took me ages to work out why the the cast juddered about 1/4 of the distance in! The blinking knot!
  8. I'm currently looking at Ehmanns and DJS Tackle. Both look fantastic and as good, if not better than some of the mainstream options. Can't go wrong with Aqua though. Very good equipment.
  9. Whenever I spod, which is not often, and rarely heavily, I have a bucket of water next to the bait to rinse my hands and wet the reel. I throw a handful of water every cast. I use a high BS Braid straight through and haven't had problems. If spodding were a major part of my fishing I think I'd be tempted to tackle up like Nick, trusting neither my technique nor my stamina and not wanting to lose a finger!
  10. Fishing time is so limited nowadays that I would definately fish. I'd listen to the radio though! Especially if I were fishing this weekend. #gooners
  11. That would be my view. Nothing more disheartening than windiing in after four hours to see a tangled mess and your hookbait wrapped around the lead! Weed can do some funny things to rigs.
  12. Now I don't know what to do, willy worms or the local butcher. Good point point about trying something new for a whole session and not bottling it. I wondered about threading skinny worms on to a maggot clip alongside a few fake maggots. If i nipped the end of the worms a fair bit of amino acids ought to pour out.
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