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  1. cheers for that iv never done sea fishing its never appealed to me due me likeing feet firmly on solid ground lol but i will google sea rods
  2. Hi I have never done any spoding before but would like to get out on some lakes where i think i will have to, question is guys would my 3lb TC whychwood rods be good enough to use as spod/marker rods? or would i have to get more heavier ones, suitable reels are another problem would i have to buy big pit reels or would my normal bait runners suffice Regards John
  3. hi I got a chance of one of these barrows for a real bargain but i have heard that twin wheels barrows are not very good ie hard to steer etc has anyone had or uses 1 or can give me some heads up on them please Regards John
  4. hi has anyone used,got or know much about them can you fit 12 foot carp rods in ok i am thinking of getting 1 instead of a holdall Cheers John
  5. thanks guys but it dont matter no more i had agreed a price with the person selling it only to get a message from him that he had sold it to some one else for more money how jack is that i wouldnt dream of doing such a low mean trick like that after all an agreement is an agreement
  6. hi i have got a chance of one of these holdalls for a very good price has anyone got 1 or knows anything about them cheers john
  7. aye i know its daft but hey ho lifes a bitch who r u with? BTW i still keep in touch with my mates that r still serving both reg & ta once a squaddie always 1 lol
  8. i was with 3 in iraq op telic 2 in july 03 they r going back out to afgan in oct i wanted to extend so i could go out with them but wasnt allowed
  9. 30 yrs in green TA only tho like u Medic CMT 1 i finished in Oct as SSM was with 5 then 3 med regt
  10. ha ha yeah mate oh for the delights of rubber & noddy suits blot bang rub lol
  11. mmmm pear drop baits reminds me of aeymale acetate i use to use when i tested S10 respiraters lol
  12. thanks very much i have wrapped the hemp in small freezer bags & then in a carrier bag so that should be ok iv been offered anothe 10 kg from a mate but i darent put anymore in freezer my mrs is going mad as it is because iv got more space took up by my gear i darent tell her im going to start making my own boilies as well lol
  13. many thanks im glad it will sink as iv put 10kgs in freezer no room for turkey mrs is doing her nut ha ha
  14. Hi Can some bright all knowing person tell me if u can freeze prepared hemp seed iv been told u can but others have said if u do it wont sink so which is right please Cheers john.
  15. hey guys i have just got some boilies various sizes 2nd hand from a mate im not sure how old they are but they look & smell ok, as they are all in airtight containers should i freeze them as im not sure when i will get out on the water Regards John.
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