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  1. I never use any uncoated braid I find soft loaded works well with a size 4 DCBH so I will stick with that Long gone are the days when I used to buy every new hook and hooklink under the sun and have to eat old lentils! Nowadays I stick with what I like
  2. What flavour would you use Hutchy if you had to use a 50 50 mix for the rest of your life?
  3. Others will copy it and follow suit, it will pee ESP off but in reality that competition is one of the beauties of the tackle game lol
  4. Been on here a while already but thought I'd say hello now as it seems like a great place and people are friendly and uncliquey unlike some forums. If anybody fancys bringing friends and family down to Sussex for a fish I have loads of spare gear. All they would need is bedding, I have a complete spare setup including bankware and bivvy and am more than happy to share it. I could introduce you to one of a few great open access venues around here if you give me a lift. I don't drive so that arrangement would suit me, I can arrange a taxi or lift back of course, it would split the taxi fares and driver chores in half see.. Experienced-ish anglers only please.. Lol Cheers
  5. How much different are they mate? I might try the semi stiff but I'm convinced that if a coated braid is used uncoated and it's too stiff it can bump fish off.. depends on the hook size too, I think stiff rigs need a big straight point hook to work, size 4 like
  6. EXACTLY like me mate. I love a minimal helicopter, I use an ordinary bead plugged over the wire loop on the lead (swivel removed always) and a bead above that, or a bead off a Drennan quick change bead sometimes fits perfectly, used alone as they are quite a big bead.. I have a little tip here which might interest people, loop the mainline and tie a good double overhand, about two or three inches above the lead.. Loop the lead through (dead neat) and that little knot makes a great place to gently stick a bit of silicone and a bead onto.. The doubled up line is more resistant to that ''pinch point'' factor with the swivel pulling on line playing a fish.. I only ever use high quality smooth Japanese Hi Performance swivels and min. 12lb line.. exquisite little minimal setup I use loads.. obviously on some waters not allowed as there is no tubing or 'core ''rub zone'', but gorgeous to use.. NB I only go about absolute minimum 6 inch link on there though, usually more like 7 or 8 upwards.. Cos you have to be careful with more short rigs getting into chod territory to have a buffer, otherwise the lead is bonking about at the face of the carp and can also bonk the hook out and weaken the hookhold, i.e can get a bit mouth damagey fished too short and minimal IMO..
  7. My mate said the Avid lead free leader is very good Dragon Carp had a massive spool of lead free leader cheap, didn't try it it was ages ago now anyway
  8. Maybe a personal thing but I never go below a 6 now and usually have a 4 on
  9. I quite like them, used to use them a lot, must keep an eye on their stuff, they are a clever bunch.. ESP just suit the way I like to fish and the lakes I fish a bit more if that makes any sense lol
  10. Excellent Used Shimano Technium for years but got some much stiffer rods and it doesn't suit them as it's too low stretch The Syncro stuff is stretchier but not too much, should be perfect, anyway has a nice feel to it and quite like the very dull green greyish colour I heard the original is better than the loaded so I got that, in 12, I don't care how quick it sinks I use backleads a lot lol so every line takes about one second to sink lol
  11. Sounds clever mate and I used to buy into the Mainline brand but the fact is as some of us know there are other very clever companies out there as well who deserve a bit of ''diverted traffic''
  12. Overall I like ESP, their new hooklink Tungsten Loaded is awesome, I like the soft Their swivels are also awesome, the Hi-Performance Japanese ones all the way for me, silky goodness! Their beads and stuff are good as well, as are their anti tan gle sleeves nice and neat and thin, and their tail rubbers are also very thin and neat I have not given their lines much of a run ever but just bought some Syncro XT having heard it's good I use a couple of Korda bits as well, their updated smooth matt coated leads and updated intelligent backleads are superb (the old ''un-intelligents'' were awful) I keep things really simple at the end so that's about all I use.. Apart from a bit of any old leadcore lying around in my drawer.. Oh yeah hooks, Drennan Continentals all the way now.. Drennan own ESP anyway..
  13. Precisely mate That stuff is proper I haven't tried the semi stiff at all, no need as I like the soft
  14. Cheers mate You too Buy you a pint sometime down Sussex
  15. Nearly got ran over today, reported and will press charges if the old bill can find it on CCTV and prove malicious driving. Bit rattled, sorry What are the components of Activ 8? Some of them are very obvious: Yeast, Sugar, Salt.. After that a soluble protein either fish or liver, essential oil probably BP Not that I care much really, I no longer use it and am of the opinion that my new bait is twice the quality
  16. NIT picking I meant Here's a little lesson on how to be polite in print: Word your statement like this: ''actually what I think he said.... lad di da.... was...lad di da... MATE'' I hope you're not a school teacher And leave me alone
  17. I just finished reading carp Inspirations and he states the OPINION that all you need to catch carp is a good flavour on a basic basemix. I'm pretty sure he said flavour combos as well, maybe, maybe not, WHATEVER I am not that interested or pedantic, and I have had a bad day. Not picking isn't my scene so if I have done something to offend you I suggest you leave me alone?
  18. If it's a river try a heavy pack bait on a heavy feeder and use large heavy pellets as loose feed, not corn And get your line pinned down at the rod end by a heavy backlead If using a heavy backlead always make sure your indicators are heavy, but NEVER heavier than the backlead.. This last point is very important or you will get missed runs and dreadful indication
  19. SOFT coated for me, all the way Used pure braid for years but just got sick of tangles, too many roach hurling the bait about on my waters left a pure braid rig in a sorry mess Most coated braids are too stiff though. It must be just the right balance between soft enough to react, and stiff enough to not tangle Tungsten Loaded is the best one in my opinion. I never strip any of it away.
  20. If you find the fish you never need much bait to get their heads down A quarter of a kilo will do just fine, often far less Then top up after takes.. how much you top up depends on how many takes you are getting and how many fish you think there are There is never any need to throw in vast quantities of bait in my opinion, it often backfires and spooks the fish and kills the swim if you pile it in
  21. The spine is also called the plane of least resistance when you spine find the rod there are two ways to spine build it and sometimes more than one spine, this is more the American way and is the way I build mine, on that plane, so that the rod is going back and through straight on the cast and also sweeter and twist free playing fish The overlap or bump at the back can help the rods durability though, but just by a few percent Builders argue which way is best, bump at the back is more old fashioned.. Many custom builders don't do it because no blank is ever straight and they think the customer will be put off by a slightly wayward looking rod. But I say spine build over dead straight every time.. None of my rods are straight and I do not give a monkeys as they are spined and that is far more important AND GIVE ME A DIRT CHEAP ROD REBUILT ON THE SPINE OVER THE HIGHEST END £1000 NON SPINED ROD, ALL DAY LONG! Non spine built rods can be horrible to use in my opinion. Lacking feel and like playing a fish on a plank of foam. Spine tuning makes a huge difference despite what people say trying to rubbish it and stick up for the lazy money machine flash brands who use cheap far East labour and can't be bothered Learn to read between the lines. There are spineless blanks about, very high end. Whisker Kevlars were one. I picked up a pair on the never never, reconditioned them, and they are amazing
  22. Rigs are really easy to tie mate. There is no need whatsoever to get complicated jingle jangle on there in my opinion. Pick gear you like, do your own thing and stick with it. Don't listen to too much input and advice is my advice. Just think of them as overgrown maniac bream and bulk everything up accordingly. Nice bit of coated braid, sinker, sharp hook, and Roberts yer Fathers Brother
  23. Lol it's Blue Dragon mate Very good, Waitrose one also excellent, but the cheap ones work fine anyway. My Tiparos one 70cl 4 quid off ebay is excellent
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