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  1. I have always found equal amounts of semolina, maize meal and soya flour to be as simple as it gets for the base. Additives are your choice and dictate the final effectiveness.
  2. You don't need expensive gear there bud. You are using canned sweetcorn, right, not raw corn from the feedstore? Chuck a canful of sweetcorn in the hole, not just a couple of grains, and see what happens. You might also try bread. just wrap the white around the hookshank, leaving the point bare.
  3. Do you put anything on your pickup for grits or use plain?
  4. Unusual to put that in a pack bait. It is more usual to use a liquid flavor.
  5. Hi carpkeeper2005, I don’t use soybean, but here are a couple of Paul Collins recipes who posts on here as “Justcarpn” 2½ cup soybean 2½ cup wheat bran 1½ cup self-raising flour 16 oz can cream corn 2 oz flavor Early June 4 cup Soybean meal 2 cup Wheat bran 2 cup self-raising flour 1/2 can Cinnamon 16oz can Cream corn 1/2 bottle Texas Pete 2oz Butternut flavor
  6. Here's a rice bait that doesn't involve cooking 28oz Kraft Minute Rice 48oz Ketchup 2 Packet Pineapple Jello powder 2 oz Superior Pineapple Flavor Small palmful of Table Salt Stir all the above. It will look too sloppy at first, but put the lid on and leave to set for 12-16 hours at room temperature. It will be perfect.
  7. Lorann oils give off a lot of flavor in a doughball, especially the Cinnamon.
  8. Paul, That's interesting, but do you mean Rum flavoring (like Superior) or do you mean real Rum
  9. Kool-Aid gives a color tint to sweetcorn and improves its attractiveness considerably in the heat. Strawberry or Cherry for a red bait.
  10. Holland and Barrett have a fairly large selection of essential oils which are 100% pure, i.e. not thinned out with a carrier oil. Their oils also have a date on the packaging unlike those sold by bait companies.
  11. Agreed, I would only ever use tap water. Why would you use something out of a lake or water butt that varies in purity with the weather when you can use tapwater that is the same every time and perfect for the job?
  12. Thanks, Paul. By the way, I only do any good with millet when the water is very warm, about 80 degrees or higher. No good in early summer. The water has to be warm to melt the syrup.
  13. Thanks for the recipe, Paul. With millet, I prefer Karo Light (clear) syrup to the Dark Karo. Tom Brooks (Mr Big) reckons that all Karo Syrup is rubbish and the best is Bob White Crystal White Syrup. Do you have a preference?
  14. Chow is too filling and very difficult for the carp to digest in low temperatures. Prefer unflavored bread pack
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