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  1. garlic does burn a bit and overpowering, granted
  2. I see nothing wrong with it and am doing no harm The club has many venues and few bailiffs. They threw me out unfairly. So why shouldn't I guest one of their least popular venues (which has some superb coarse species albeit not a big carp venue) if a) nobody fishes or bailiffs it and b) otherwise I have ZERO options for fishing other than extortionate day ticket venues Of course I do the day ticket places and I have some great ones near-ish me luckily, but I just cannot afford to do as much fishing as I would like, WHEN I like I for one have had enough of clubs. In my experience club committees are often a People who act like bullies. They cannot take criticism and if you get on the wrong side of them they treat you poorly. Often club waters are very tatty and poorly run, with particularly awful anglers and annoying members all too common, far more so than on daytickets in my experience, God knows why it's true.. It's often the bailiffs who are the worst ''punishers''.. They literally will not leave your swim and cannot take a hint that you do not want to be their friend and are not interested in their opinions on the World of fishing. I have literally taken to setting my phone to 'fake call' me at 25 minute intervals on one old club venue as the bailiff was such a complete and utter plank. If you left a chair out you'd messed up big time, a Bottom would be planted in there for the whole day.. Often clubs are not even worth the 80, 90 or whatever per year, it's sad but true. I would much rather fish on a decent dayticket surrounded by a (I can assure you) often surprisingly high number of really decent, knowledgeable, keen anglers who are also friendly and know when to leave you alone.. Rant over and thanks if you've read it this far and had a laugh
  3. The beauty of the better quality quality readymades about is how digestible they are This is important on many levels, not just for the fish themselves but the chances we have on the ever increasingly busy public waters some of us are stuck with
  4. Not quite with you mate are you saying the Edges hooks are pants? I bought a load to look at and they seemed fine. Fox hooks are famously strong and reliable. Big let down for me with them and many brands is this obsession with the (completely useless) palm test and a big lean away from offset patterns I can't use a hook unless its offset, massively aids hookholds with no need for barbs, never slips, only pattern that should ever be sold in barbless is an offset beaked point in my opinion. I hate barbed hooks personally but that's another debate altogether lol
  5. It depends on the bait mate but I have no problem with fishmeal in winter IN SMALL DOSES!
  6. Bait Tech's Poloni boilie is interesting.. anyone ever tasted one? Proper intense peppery garlicky weird taste I didn't do great on a sesh with it, the cats loved it though and cats are dominant over carp on feeding areas so that is not the bait's fault, it is very different though and I might try it fished with my current fave Their new Triple N nut boilie already has a good following as well but I wouldn't feel that confident behind nut mixes personally
  7. Fair enough man but then there's the cost I can't be getting boilies in five ki at a time too often! Just ordering groundbait now, can't wait to get the mixes going again You can ''get away with'' less bait by using groundbait, the smells and tiny particles hang around in your swim for hours sending them mad I am going to step up my bait to a kilo a day, been using half a kilo a day for years and you'#re right it's probably not enough to keep fish in the swim One lake I fish I am 100% positive that half a kilo is right. They DEFINITELY spook off a bed of bait.. this place is stupidly pressured all year round, a very busy day ticket indeed, they see bucket upon bucket of bait every day of their lives
  8. I can take criticism if it makes sense like that About to invest in groundbait again, liquidised corn in there will drive them bonkers with swim stinking of food but unable to find any I should have persevered with it, was getting quite good at making it I will step my bait up a bit using groundbait and pellets, I still believe you can overfeed them with rich boilies
  9. Good idea is to have a mix of soft through hard baits in your swim mate not just a mix of sizes
  10. One one lake I fish they spook the minute you put 100 boilies in mate while 30 is fine, seen it happen to myself and others a good few times too many Each to their own, personally my results improved taking between a half and a kilo of bait maximum per day A kilo is plenty to keep them feeding. I keep things relaxed anyway and often use one rod (underrated edge I think) I don't go for numbers of, I just fish for bigguns One day a biggun will come along, lol I'm not a lucky angler
  11. Doesn't suit all baits mate The guy who makes mine said that they are at their best defrosted and used instantly, or dried.. the nature of the ingredients in there are best fresh, not allowed to get sweaty or stinky or ''active'' as some call it, some baits obviously are, like cell being allowed to get white spots all over it and at its finest then It's well worth asking whoever makes your bait these questions
  12. Yeah mate that sounds an awful lot to me but then again I fish incredibly busy and pressured open access venues where that much bait would 100% spook them out of your swim
  13. My new bait is definitely ''eat me now'' mate, very soft and at its best fresh The thing I like about it most is that it dissolves in a matter of hours rather than days Interestingly that is where Sticky Baits are clever as well, the Krill is highly soluble, so is the Bloodworm fairly
  14. I have a few nice ideas to try out, basically using almost the full range of my chosen bait with a few tweaks that are definitely out of fashion! Plus groundbait which is also very out of fashion I don't do method balls though, my old second hand rods which I carefully rebuilt are too valuable to me for all that heave ho, lol
  15. Fair enough mate many swear by the little and often approach.. I do try that sometimes, much preferring anything other than little round balls on some lakes too.. Gonna get back on the groundbait I think, making various sized balls of that is an edge and keeps you busy on the bank, I also enjoy hookbaits that are a little different to the norm
  16. I keep all that simple mate and swear by 'softly softly', about 15 baits at first topped up by 5 after takes, and NEVER putting bait on top of bait unless fish are being caught I think 20, 25, 30 baits can be far too much at first, often Lakes are very busy these days and there is always somebody piling it in and also you don't ever know what is already out there rotting in your swim
  17. I think its key to use what you like using and stick with it Never forget that there are endless little alterations you can make with your choice of hook regarding the hook size, bait size, rig length, hair length etc. I used to tie ultra neat rigs all the same length thinking they were ''the one'', but that isn't the way forward as all you are doing is teaching the carp which bait has a line stuck in it!
  18. I very seldom fish anything other than bottom baits, been that way for years.. Gone right off wafters, I think they move around too much for big carp to be able to pick them up.. I'm interested in trying over weighted pop ups and snowman rigs more though
  19. Mate just get on Drennan Wide Gape Specialists Superb and just over a quid a packet And Drennan Continentals They are all I use now and been a few years, only offset hooks you can get any more, an offset beaked point is the ONLY hook you can use in barbless in my opinion as they do not slip I don't like curve shanks one bit. In the smaller sizes they rip gobs, seen it too often to ever use them again
  20. Not just ''impressive'' but ultra fast And why if you get your rigs right for the changing circumstances.. i.e don't stay inside a box and carry a variety of lengths, hair lengths, hookbait sizes etc. You have to keep on confusing them I think, or you won't stand a chance on some lakes
  21. Fair enough mate I have zero issue with Mainline and never said I did I think they're great But I prefer my new bait by a mile
  22. Rod said in Carp Inspirations that the volume required by a bait company, and this was obviously before the ''boom'' was not enough to make the production of that flavour worthwhile mate So the blueprints are obviously there for any flavour, whether you need a bit for yourself or a lot! Trick is do your own thing and don't get too involved in my opinion As an accomplished cook I know that any great sauce can be reduced to a concentrated form, and bingo there's your flavour I wouldn't get too caught up in the science, that's one thing the big bait barons want more than anything Never forget that carp eat pieces of plastic, tinned sweetcorn, leaves, bread, dead rotten fish, worms, slugs, metal lures, etc, etc. etc. As long as it is safe to eat and digestible then it's a big massive free for all as far as I'm concerned. The worst thing you can do is get all 15mm round ball tunnel vision marketing hype
  23. I like a big hook with a small bait Hair length has to be tweaked endlessly in my opinion And hook pattern matters LOADS in my experience, has to be tweaked loads as well in my experience
  24. What's ''EO'' mate? And are oleoresins paprika extracts, like the oild from chilli etc? Rod Hutchinson said that some flavours have food value in themselves.. Is that what you are trying to achieve/found? I don't get too involved mind as like I said I found a bait I love using from a superb well proven old company
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