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Gippsland carping

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Out and to the left is bay about 100acres+ where i am pretty sure reading his articels and book. Is where tony davis patrick stalked and had fish to 17lbs in the spring time when the fish were up there to spawn.


I had no fish from this area, there was alot of carp dead a round the edge so the potential is there.


I guess like everything time is needed on big lakes like this.

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Out and to the left is bay about 100acres+ where i am pretty sure reading his articels and book. Is where tony davis patrick stalked and had fish to 17lbs in the spring time when the fish were up there to spawn.


I had no fish from this area, there was alot of carp dead a round the edge so the potential is there.


I guess like everything time is needed on big lakes like this.


Like ya work Stoke....top effort man.

Great pictures, there is some great potenial there for sure for some productive dangling.

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A fish from the mitchell from an extremely steep peg crampons on etc.


11.01lbs beautiful bronze colour, these fish were hard to catch as there is no where near as many a round any more and they fight like tigers.




Quality mate quality...


Got some nice colored Koi,s here but sadly can not fish for them as they are in a residential area and guarded by the neigbourhood nazis.

We guessimate the larger ones to be low twenties, I believe there was one in there a possible thirty but it has not been seen for some time now

I suppose its a good thing really as they will not be preyed upon by the local redneck white bucket brigade.

Its just nice enjoying seeing them swimming around a not getting hasseled.







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They"re amazing looking carp and great photos. Is there chance of a night assaualt on the water?


That is a possibility I have concidered, I would have to do the full monty urban commando style of fishing.



I,ll be back......

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Lake Boga i saw fish cruising on here i just could not buy a bite.




Looks very carpy....looks to be quite low..was it a summer seesion?..may be reason that the fish where not on the chew, low oxygen levels and other things on thier mind, like the rump pumpy breeding time....

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I think i would have to have a go. They look to good to miss plenty of surface baits first and slip in after dark.


Is there houses close by i guess?


Don't know about the fishing potential for the weekend it is 16 to 18 and then storms are coming through and bucketing rain down at the moment.


Still go though going to bait up tomorrow, bought some more maize in the week so got that on the go at the moment.

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Early march time


Thought so the backend of the summer high water temps, you would expect the fish to be out deep in the cooler water I would of imagined.

When we lived in Victoria I found the april onwards till about now and end of September through until the first of the northerly winds come was the most productive time of the year, you can still get fish through winter thou not so much on the river systems as water levels are extreemly high and flow rates to go with it, I seem to target still waters that time of the year.

A week after the first good rains after summer and then as the water temps reach 17 degrees or so getting ready for the breeding season later on is prime time for our whiskered frends.

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It is js just finding the spawning sites on a few of the rivers, lakes can be easier head for for the shallow morass type areas if they have water in.


Defentily where i am fishing at the moment is like that, i could not buy a bite when the temp was over 30 the carp lay there tenting almost and would not even accept a moving bait.

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Fished today not until aftrernoon due to work. Hardly any fish a round to begin with fish my banker peg. I had 4 bites just take the rod end a round a bit, as i was just to tired to stand up and touch leger today.


I struck 2 bites and landed one fish a round 6lbs.


I could see fish jumping out and pods or shoals of fish rising to the surface.


I float fished out as far as i could chuck and drifted to them on the wind. The carp must have been concentrated and eating something small ie like daphnia back home in the U.k


I counted over 60 fish move in to a back bay area, it was frustrating fish, they would come up and mess with the float, but would not accept any bait.


I managed by trying different baits and brining the bait up in the water and chucking past the fish and slow drwering back on them to get a few edgy bites, which i missed.


I noticed some fish head and shouldering and moving with more intent and kind of cruising towards broken sedges and reeds floating in the water and sucking bugs from them.


I cast and waited i managed another 5 fish so a better end to hard aftrenoon.


There was no sign of any fish anywhere else where you can normally see some close.


Strange really as today you would think it was perfect conditions a perfect blue sky, just a bit of wind and no rain and alot warmer.


Shows the fish don't always play ball.


A fish from today about 6 lbs the best from the 6.



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I fished the weekend 2 afternoons after work for 15 fish to 7lbs hard work to catch them though and really the size is not great.


It is a good area for catching carp through the winter, but just not for catching a big one.




Nice piece of water there hey Andy....With all those small singles about I would suspect that there is a lot of competition for food.

For the biomass there for arguments sake there is 5000 singles 50 doubles 10 20,s and so on. The singles would stay singles for a long time taken years to reach any size.

I think you,ll be hunting a long time to find larger ones amongst the masses of smaller ones but its still fun catching them hey, you could probably step your gear right down to lighter rods and line to suit the conditions and still have a bit of fun.


Tight Lines.


ATB Nails

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It would be hard to step the gear down to much. May be down to 10lbs line and a bit lighter rod, but really i need a good sturdy rod. I am not sure of the test curve i bought them from kmart years a go when i was on the carp trail over here. They are only 10ft 6 (like richard walkers mark 4's) of old, but they are perfect for medium range carping and playing decent size fish.


I have used my 2lbs testcurve old shakespeare over here, the carp take some getting in on them even though i had fish to 30lbs in the past in the u.k.


I am not sure the ratio of fish there is defentily quite a few doubles as i have seen them in the brighter days, when the carp are up right in the top layers.


I guess my plan is that once the fish are moving about near the surface more and the sun is stronger i can pick out the bigger fish and cast to them.


I am sure or hope i can get instant takes as the fish are well onto the bait. Or to put it another way the areas i am baiting and the fish that are moving in and out of there are well onto the bait.


Going to increase baiting to try and draw more fish in and build up confidence, working on the theroy of catching more fish and hopefully dropping on a double.

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One of those days today when everything comes togetther. Even though baiting a few times in the week did not equate to alot more fish.


It rained on saturday i had planned to fish but was to knackered from a busy work morning.


The weather friday had been really mild from what the weather has been the last few weeks.


Counter that with rain and equates for the fish getting there heads down to feed or it does in my experience.


I used two rods today and fished close in on the float i got some carp to come in after half an hour, but they were really spooky and would only take a fairly sensitive float to not even down to make the red disappear.


I had 1 fish and lost 1 at the net on the float.


I changed over to light leger to put the line across the bottom as the carp would come in bounce the float up and down once or twice and then spook and bow wave out of the swim.


On the other rod i fed bread and mixers out on the wind and fished the float.


I had 15 carp on this rod and lost one and missed quite a few bites as the fish had only just got the bait in there mouths.


I had to fish at the limit of the casting range of my rod and float combo.


Only the light tonight stopped me from fishing on as i could not see the gfloat this is my best catch from this water and for a good while.


The biggest fish i had was 7.2lbs, but i did see a carp over double figures taking flies on the surface, but i could not get the bait and float out to the fish and then it disappeared.


A great day and i glad i went in the rain as the afternoon was beautiful and really i could have done 20 to 25 carp today, i just could not converyt quite a lot of the bites and when i missed them it moved the fish further out and made them more spooky!



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I have been fishing twice this week once for a short after work session.


Fishing dusk and few hours in in which i had 3 carp and today, which i fished sun up to mid aftrenoon.


The weather was beautiful today for sun bathing, not really perfect for fishing to bright and still to start with and the wind got up this afternoon and was pushing in to my bank making float fishing and presenting a bait like this hard.


I resorted to paternostring a bait under the float and fishing in the margins leger style.


I had 14 fish to 8lbs today and lost 2, with the fish coming off on the close in rod.


The weather really made presentation very hard and i could not trot the float down stream or down the wind, which is the killer tactic on this venue.


I can't complain with the amount of fish and i had my best fish from the water so far 8lbs not a whopper, but a bit bigger.



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