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  1. G'Day Greg, If you do mate it to QLD, there will be only limited availability of decent carping. Most of the good fishing is in the southern states associated with murray darling river system and a few other rivers...Definately bring as much gear as you can, but be careful to follow AQIS rules.... http://www.daff.gov.au/aqis/travel/entering-australia/didymo There is a burgeoning carp fraternity in Australia so rest assured once here you will have opportunities to catch some amazing fish, in awesome surrounds, with great mates! Take it easy, Ben
  2. G'Day Bruce, Not sure if I've had the pleasure but welcome and much appreciate your enthusiasm! If you are serious about setting up a commercial operation ie specimen lake I think you'd have some interested bods about for sure; myself being one of them. It has been my dream ever since embracing this wonderful sport to set up my own specimen lake. If you ever want to pursue this seriously, let me know, I am similar in my expectations too. No massive profit in it but the absolute pleasure of managing a water? Priceless!! I have no doubt either that with Australia's environment, the growth rates of the local strains, and maybe the odd 'special' stocking it would be possible to develop a world class fishery. Keep us posted, Mate. Dare to dream! Take it easy, Ben
  3. G'Day John, I must say it was an absolute pleasure being on the bank with you, and thanks again for the invite to your 'fun fishing' spot! It was probably the most idyllic spot I have ever fished, just magical. What you forgot to mention was that you gave me a lesson in situation specific angling! Was it 8 fish to my blank?! I think so, possibly more!! Can't wait to get back down there mate, possibly weekend after next if it suits you? Thanks again, great company, great day, lovely fish! Take it easy, Ben p.s. I'll be leaving the broomsticks at home next time!!
  4. Hey John, Sorry I missed your call the other day. We must get on the bank together soon!!! Are you sure about that weight? That would be one heffalump indeed! If documented would be an Aussie record. Don't go telling anyone where that spot is or you'll have all and sundry down there trying to either bonk it on the head or fry it up for dinner!! Been chucking the bait in my favourite swims recently as well hoping for the big Autumn lumps to show their faces. Hope springs eternal indeed!!! Take it easy, Ben
  5. G'day and welcome to the forum! If you've indeed had a flood event, depending on the water quality prior, there could be a massive change in the water quality since. Especially if the lake is subject to run-off from surrounding estates etc. This will definitely put the fish down for awhile. It's a bit hit and miss though, if the influx in new water stirs up the water column releasing need food into the system then you could see an increase in feeding behaviour. Too much agitation of the system could see a 'black water' event or close to which would shut down the system completely. I'd wait till there is some consistent calm high pressure weather patterns. Bait up during this time and then fish the change of pattern ie. Low pressure front. This will give you a better idea of whether the fish are still there. It's also mid summer when feeding rates of carp do plateau, in the next couple of months you'll see an increase in feeding leading into winter. Spawning is definitely over until late Nov/Dec so you can rule that out I would reckon. Hope this helps, Ben
  6. Top work Andy!!! You just keep on keeping on mate, your dedication has to be admired. Two great results mean a proper red letter day! I always enjoy reading your posts, and find solace in your endeavours that keep me trudging out the door at ungodly hours to top up my spots. Nice gut on that 16 too mate, hungry bastard!! Congratulations again on your Aussie PB! Take it easy, Ben
  7. G'day Jan, As the boys have let you know, it will be a whole new kettle of fish for you when you arrive. Can't fault one piece of advice they have given you. Prepare your gear properly and you'll sail through AQIS, that may be the easiest part of your carp quest in Oz! I have done a bit of scouting around Brissie and the Gold Coast and can point the way to a couple of spots. Mind you these were before the floods but hopefully the fish didn't get flung too far and wide. QLD is hard for regular angling opportunities and you may have to travel several hours west and/or south to get into better fishing. There are big fish in Oz, but we don't give them name and they're not in overfished mud puddles, in fact you'd be hard pressed for anyone to tell you where they are at all but that's another story!! But we are a brotherhood of committed anglers and once we know you we will help when/how we can to get your bobbins swinging!! Cheers, Ben
  8. Cracking read as always mate, sounds like you are really covering the ground down your way. I take it most of your exploration is by kayak? Love it that you are just plugging away, my kind of fishing. Keep at it mate, I'm sure the carping gods will shine on you soon! Take it easy, Ben p.s. just looking back over your posts...I am loving those tiles man...groovy!
  9. G'day Pitch and welcome to the forum mate! I've been a bit quiet on here as have been relocating back to home soil from the UK. Epic! That cruc/common, certainly has different features than your normal boolarra strain...almost king carp like tbh...nice fish! Nice mirrors too.. oohh I'm starting to itch now waiting for my tackle to arrive from London!! Cheers, Ben
  10. Steve, Some absolute beauties there!! I recognise you from somewhere....hhmmmm!! Prof, Welcome to the forum and nice fish!! PM sent. Cheers, Ben
  11. When I move back with my gear there may may need to be some minor alterations and Macgyver machinations! I'll know who to call for help though, Paul. You Aussie carpers sure are ingenious!!
  12. Well, this one did indeed go like the proverbial!! I like to call him 'Silent Bob' mainly for the reason that someone 'who shall remain nameless' forgot to switch on the delk after recasting. As I glanced a lazy eye over my setup some minutes later I noticed my rod had an alarming sideways bend and the line was scything thru the water like a hot knife thru butter!! After a mad scramble and quite a few sweaty moments....viola...PB!! Stoked!
  13. Steve, I don't know if you're having a subtle boast or not.... but double figure mirrors are a little special in anyone's book especially fully scaled. So you really are gonna have to back up those claims with some photos! Gotta say I really enjoy this sudden influx of photos too!! My Aussie PB is a fully scaled but I think it is predominately Koi not common. Open to opinions though! And before you ask, I've masked the location as it is pretty special! And somewhere i was taken by a good mate who developed the spot thru much hard graft and a lot of time! And yes, it is in NSW. I will get myself a QLD double, I will, I will, I WILL!!!! Ben Ben
  14. That looks so carpy, i gotta get down to fish that!! Nice photo!
  15. Stoke....mate.....those are some nice photos, where you been hiding all of 'em?!! That looks rather nice fishing down there, room to move! Is it bucket between the legs in that kayak when you bait up? Must make paddling a bit difficult! What kind of distance do you fish at? Great to see photos up mate, really gives a feel to your campaigning. Noice!! Love that Wellington photo. Ben
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