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  1. Hi Guys, Based in Dural for a month or more. Any carping (good or bad) within say 20ks? Been to Windsor and will give the river a try, but I'm hanging out for a decent lake/dam/pond. Cheers, Dennis
  2. Talking of boilies, after slipping three small packets into the country via Her Majesty's Mail, Customs have now wised up and snaffled my last two shipments, claiming them as 'unrecognised pet food'. My question being: does anyone know of an Australian supplier of shelf-life boilies? Sure, I can make my own, but I'd rather spend my time with my rods pointed at the water testing out someone else's. Yours lazily, kingcrimson
  3. Hi Guys, Received an email today from Council which I reproduce in full: Hello Dennis, In response to your concern I can confirm Council has replaced the signs. By allowing angling to return, Council received numerous complaints from other park users in regard to the angling and fishing. I understand that your method of angling does not present the potential concerns which may be associated with fishing. By allowing one method it is inferred that all are allowed and unfortunately in this instance other members of the public have utilised methods which have injured avian and aquatic wildlife. Council was required to respond to birds with entangled line and also reports of Turtle and Terrapins which had been injured. As a result it was agreed between Council and the elected representative that the signs would be reinstated. I do understand that this is not a positive outcome for your group but at this time I can not offer an alternative. Please contact me at your convenience if you wish, so that we can discuss the matter further and the possibility of alternate sites. Regards Justin Justin Le Page Urban Parks Coordinator Logan City Council Phone: (07) 3412 5338 Fax: (07) 3805 5372 Email: justinlepage@logan.qld.gov.au Unless anyone else wants to take up the fight, this is me admitting defeat. I tried and I failed. Sorry guys, Dennis
  4. Hi Guys, After checking your last two posts I went down and had a look. The 'No Fishing' sign has re-appeared - it was definitely taken down, so I'll find out what's happening. Other species in the lake are mullet (mainly seen swirling around on the surface), tilapia (a sort of perch-like fish and good fighters) and eels. As for the spot on the other side of the road, I have fished there on occasion and although it has the same species, it's a bit on the noisy side what with all the traffic. Will keep in touch about the pesky sign. Tight lines, Dennis.
  5. Hi Bob, First of all, thanks for the kind words. No permit needed to fish, but Queensland restrictions apply: No more than six lines out at any one time - Duh!! If you're worried about returning carp while being watched, my advice is to unhook in the water - that way you're not technically 'returning' the fish. However, I have never killed my catch and have returned carp in full view of, and while talking to, Parks And Gardens officials. Most of the waters in the area contain a large head of carp to low doubles, with the odd lunker just waiting for your boilie! So give a go - you'll find Aussie carp fight just as hard as their UK cousins. Tight lines, Dennis
  6. Hi Paul, Winter is the best time to fish Tygum as the spangled perch (all 15 million of 'em and two inches long!) seem to go into hibernation - and like you say, the idiots are a bit thinner on the ground (perhaps they go into hibernation too. . .) Regarding your PM, yes the 'no fishing' sign is still at the back of Doug Larson Park at the moment, but I've been assured by Council (by email, of which I have a copy) it is going to be removed. I'll give it til the end of the month and if it's not gone I'll give 'em a serve. Cheers, Dennis
  7. Hi Ben, Yup, you've got the right place. The lake is about 3 acres, grass and the odd tree down to the water's edge, and about 6 feet deep. I fished it for ten years before the council banned angling (June 09), and my PB was 9 1/2lb but I've seen carp cruising around between 20 and 30. I fish Tygum regularly and have the same trouble with the 'intellectually-challenged', but what can ya do - it's illegal to shoot tossers in Oz (although some people do and get away with it!)
  8. After almost a year of pitched battle with Logan Council, I have got the fishing ban reversed at the Doug Larson Park at Beenleigh. Fishing is permitted in the BIG BACK LAKE ONLY, barbless hooks and catch and release apply (including Carp!!). Please do the right thing as this decision didn't come easy and - for the time being at least - has stopped the Council push to close other waterways to angling. PM if you need more info. Tight Lines, Dennis.
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