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  1. Hey Andy how u been? I've been fishing alot around here, learning more skills and upgraded someof my gear. I lost your number when water tested my iphone, lmao. Can you give me a bell or a text on 0402 633 881 when u get the chance, would love a chat, might be coming up there soonish. I'll have my boat back going again soon. When that happens, i'll take you to a spot near lake wellington, it's a secluded spot but a fari amount of fish hide here and they are a lot bigger and fight harder than the ones in Gutheridge. Tight lines Paul
  2. Hey mate, back out on the lake nut this time I'm trying near the toilets casting out toward the fountain. Had a few nibbles and one massive run but nothing on the bank. Line bites seem to come and go but consistency is low. I might head out tomorrow if you are around. I'm here for another week so I have plenty of time still. Hope u had a good Christmas, Paul.
  3. Hey Andy, I'm in the area over the next ten days, give me a call if u have some time to catch up! I just baited a lake with 200 baits hope I can get something for my efforts!!! Paul
  4. Hey mate, Been ages, work and weather have it hard for me to get over there. Taking 10 days over Chrissy with the familly over in Golden Beach. Thinking of trying to get some big numbers from there. We'll hopefully have more luck catching up then. Need to get some confidence up oin the ol' boilies, figure it's a good place to hone my skills!!! What are your moveents over that time? Paul
  5. the Mitchell used to house fish like that but not really anymore. I have been eyeing off the huge swamp/lake structure that feeds into the mitchell. I've done sa bit of research on it and found the carp problem was soooo bad they have introduced environmental easures to reduce their numbers. Though i'm sure there would be some big ones in there, haven't actually been there but hoping to soon, it's in Bainsdale off Bosworth Rd. There are a few lakes and a huge morass system south of it. might be worth a trip if the problem was as bad as they say it is/was.
  6. ok i got 5kg of maize, 5kg of pigeon mix, 5kg of mini trout pellet and a big bucket of molassas, it's go time for some serious carping!!! how'd u fair today Stoker?
  7. I remember i fished the Nicholson once for carp about 10 yrs back. Had it pre baited the night before, used sandworm as bait, mmm maybe that'll bring some more in... Anyway between myself and 1 other we had nearly 400lb of carp to 17lb's in about 6-7 hrs. Was fantastic, though didn't impress the locals when we put them back after our weigh-in, haha they'll get over it! But never been able to do it since. Had a few from there but not many. I remember is was raining a lot the days before that would have pushed the freshwater downstream. All the carp were commons and not this beluga strain thats filling the water ways (some are such poor fighters and weight [censored] all). Hoping to catch over 100lb each day if the weather is nice. Going to course fish on sat (waggler and feeder) and prob carp fish on sunday using the pod. Interested to see if there is any difference.
  8. Thank heavens, thought i was the only one mad enouth to be capr fishinbg this lake!!! I've fished all the surrounding ares as mentioned before in this post but had very simular results. The lake in Sale does look very appealing though i've had the same issue with heaps of little ones with only a carp of 7lb at biggest. I might take the bait baot out and drop some biat/hookbait out literally inside the reedbed of the island. The fish in this lake seem to live well into the reed line. i'll post up the results as i'm hoping to put a good couple of sessions in this weekend!!!
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