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Fishing a new, un-molestered lake

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Just up the road from me is an old huge open-cast iron ore mine... very deep (over 50ft+ in places) which used to be a day ticket water....

....one of the best days fishing i had as a youngster was here, fishing the slider float in the margins (which were 15 feet deep!!!) and catching lots of big tench all through the morning....


but about 10 years ago lake flooded onto the farmers field and has the water level came up by about 15 feet and has remained at this level since.... so all the pegs and areas that used to be fished are all 300 yards across what was the field...


there is however one spot (off what used to be a cliff) that looked quite deep....

2 years ago i fished this spot hoping for these tench.... and as i was fishing i saw a massive carp swim past my feet.... definatly a 30+ and this is what kinda got me into carp fishing.....


.... now im going to attempt this venue for the carp

i know that nobody fishes it but what sort of baits would work on such a water where natural food will be high and where the fish will have never seen a pellet or boilie?


and the sheer size of the water and the fact that you cannot yet to the bank side in many places (due to cliff faces covered in thick trees) mean that many areas of the lake are totally un-fishable

basicaly where do i start??? anyone else fished this kind of unknown before?

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get yourself alot of good quality food sauce bait going in their, visit everyday if you can, i would be inclined to spread it about a bit to start and then after a few weeks start moving it tighter to your chosen spots then concentrate heavily on those spots,


you should be able to concentrate this activity over a period of time in the places you want to fish as long as the fish can get to them!


enjoy it and dont let anyone see you and where your chucking your bait remember school holidays are upon us and i know if i was 15 again i would be spending the next 6 weeks looking for places to fish

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thanks for the advice.... going to start feeding them some halibut pellets


uploaded these photos to show you what im up against






As you can just see there is a long(3/4 mile) thin (150yards) trench

this was very deep 15 feet in the margins with a shelf going to 25feet+








Now you can see just how much it has flooded.... the actual water level has rising by 15-20 feet..... and the whole right hand side and top side of the lake is totaly un fishable apart from a small section in the right corner[/img]

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Carp being carp will visit the margins as on any other lake, its more a case of when on such a big water!


I would be tempted to use maize and groats. Pellets won't last long enouhg due to how quick they break down unlike maize and attention from silver fish. You don't know how long it is before visit's so I would treat it like a river to start with.


Bait up a few likely spots regular and look for signs of feeding fish or better still fish! Even if you see them don't fish for them straight away I would look to give it a month or two before stickig a hook in amongst your freebies so they gain a bit of confidence.



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I think I would seriously consider investing in a dinghy. Sounds a really interesting prospect to fish, but I would definitely have to investigate the 'inaccessible' areas. We did a similar thing at a old claypit down here and discovered loads of potential secret swims that would have taken only a couple of days to cut out.


Bait wise. I agree with fruit-bat. You need something that is substantial, inexpensive and a proven carp attractor. You may need to put a lot of it in to get them switched on to it and boilies and pellet don't come cheap.

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