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    my 1st 20lb carp and man utd

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  1. thanks,not sure on the peg number though but will take a guess at 6
  2. i will have a guess at emmotland ponds and is it pond number 2? never fished it before though
  3. pjwoolley

    a good morning

    well done mate,as said previously cracking fish
  4. congrats on yor pb,nice fish and nice place aswell
  5. a guy next to me actually had a tv in his bivvy,missed 3 fish because he wasn't watching his rods while i had 16 in a 48hr session
  6. haven't got any pic tricks but the carp.com is pretty impressive
  7. top angling Nick and good looking fish
  8. hi guys,i'm doing a 48hr session this weekend but never fished here before,if anyone has fished it recently could you let me know how it went and which peg you were on,i'm on 61 and 62,any advice would be greatly aprreciated. cheers
  9. hey guys.i was wandering how you class a water as 'hard', i fish the same water regularly with only a few carp over the 20lb mark and not many of them have been caught, does this qualify as a hard water or is there another way you guys class a water as hard. cheers.
  10. for me it goes 1 choose swim 2 pod 3 mat and net 4 bit of bait 5 rods 6 a coffee 7 bivvy 8 sit back and enjoy the session
  11. wow they are some awesome fish,excellent result mate
  12. hi rog welcome to the forum i'm fairly new to carping myself but in the last 3 or 4 months i have started to upgrade my gear,i started exactly the same way as you and with a bit of patience and advice from fellow anglers my average is starting to rise.a good water for you to try is fields farm fisheries in sandbach(google it) not the hardest of waters but plenty of nice carp up to 20lb,this is where i have gained most of my experience before heading of to try for the bigger fish on harder waters. hope this helps,you can pm me if you want more info on the fishery
  13. i would say between 150-200 which is more than last year but i have started doing longer sessions so thats probably why. 100 on boilies the rest on pellet prawns and particles
  14. i got into fishing about 2yrs ago,helping my nephew so my brother could fish aswell,used to fish a local canal about 25yrs ago for bream and roach mainly,got into carping last year and not looked back since,try and get a session in every weekend and i agree once the bivvy is up i'm in a world of my own and at peace with everything
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