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  1. This guy would'nt have had a prayer if he'd have tried that trick where a lot of the carpers I know fish. But, seeing as how I have mellowed out a fair bit, I would certainly have gone through the appropriate channels and reported his pathetic, bullying behaviour............. ..............and if that did'nt do it, THEN I'd have gone back and heaved him and his gear into the deepest part of the lake
  2. My buzzers went nuclear one night and I shot out of bed to hit the run..... ....and I do mean BED!!....at home!
  3. Seen good and bad in all generations of fishermen.....especially carpers for some reason? I think the the only way to be fair all round is to accept, as an angler, that there are always things to learn. Theres a unique balance between years of experience and fresh, new ideas. Its just a matter of dropping any pre-conceptions of age and taking any advice at face value. I can honestly say most of the youngsters we see carping are pretty much switched on, given the plethora of knowledge they have access to these days and they're as valuable to the sport as the 'crusties'. The few silly idiots, of all ages I might add, are usually your 5min carpers and they're here today, gone tomorrow. Anyway, were'nt we all young once?
  4. Sure I've seen Martin Locke do something similar.....it worked too!
  5. Remember, Joe.....all those strange little noises in the dead of night are just Gods little creatures going about their nightly business. Unless....................
  6. The one thing you can say in Matts defence is that most of his shows are definitely not patronising....which I do feel Wilsons are. He seems to lead with the assumption that people DON'T know all there is to know about fishing and very rarely do you feel belittled by watching them. Like him or not (and we all have the odd Matt Hayes story or two) he does come across as one of the lads, warts and all and if him or Brownie screws up its usually there for all to see. Me? I think he's a bronzed dwarf
  7. Be even more of a shame if he'd done a spot of sneaky pre-baiting!!
  8. Where do you put the batteries?
  9. The spec lake did its second 30 not long back and theres a good head of twenties and only a few silver fish. If you're fishing light and just fancy a bend in your rod the other pools are more what you're after, unless they're not being used for matches.
  10. Feel your pain buddy. I did something similar a few years back.......put a big stringer out with the hookbait and when I hauled in next day it was still intact!! Yep, tied quite expertly with floss, not pva.
  11. I watched my mate from across the lake one very blustery day as he attempted to put up his Trakker brolly..........his brand new Trakker brolly. After 30 minutes of loud cursing and swearing, whilst trying in vain to get some kind of purchase in the rock hard ground, my mate launched it up in the air with a deft kick. Bit silly really, but what happened next had me doubled up in total apoplexy..............the wind caught the whole thing and carried it out across the lake where it remained, swirling round and round, while my mate sat with his head in his hands, crying loudly!! Absolutely priceless.
  12. The bucket thing is a bit like hedging your bets, but if its the accepted rule on any given venue then its ok. Personally, I think it can be open to a bit of abuse and THAT I have seen. Actually leaving all your gear in the swim and going off to work is a complete mickey-take if you ask me. I've seen this too, at a very well known holiday/fishing establishment, where the encumbent bailliff (did exactly this, whilst working 8hrs in the on-site shop. It was actually the hot swim on the lake and he did this for three days straight. If I had'nt had a decent fish out of the swim I was in, well, I might have been tempted to say something.
  13. Stick a little silhouette of 007 in the middle and its the new Bond opening sequence. Top editing indeed.
  14. Gives 'floater fishing' a whole new dimension!!
  15. I still have a leaning towards the old entrenching tool and long drop
  16. Get this a lot. Actually, its so pronounced that you can divide it into two camps. The first is that inexplicable edginess you feel when watching your rods, followed shortly by one ripping off. Very strange experience, especially at night for somne reason. The second is when you're nowhere near a water, but are suddenly compelled to do something about it. My wife says my whole persona seems to alter during such occasions and will usually ask 'are you feeling fish?' And, I have to admit, the urge to grab your gear and be off is totally impossible to resist. The result, most often, is banked fish. E.S.P? Who knows.
  17. This IS the problem. The best way we dealt with the problem was to fish in pairs, minimum. Yes, you may have been on neighbouring pegs or whatever, but taking it in turns to sleep did the trick. While one blew some z's the other kept a watchful eye and ear out for anything dodgy. Of course, fishing alone is a different thing altogether. You don't often know who you're in the company of, no matter how nice they seem.
  18. It could be a masonry bee (or mason bee). They will build nests in cavity walls or air bricks, or indeed any suitable gap they can find in your wall.......amidst other things, like wood etc. I don't think they can cause any short term structural damage and are not particularly prone to stinging anyone either, from what I can gather. Apart from that....some kind of wasp maybe?
  19. Hubba Bubba.........and sugar puffs. I did see someone take a carp off the top once with a cigarette butt on the hook, just to prove a point..........though I would'nt condone anyone trying to encourage such a filthy habit
  20. 2/3 days. One time I had 3 rods out and two of them were attracting a fair bit of attention. The other was ominously silent and stayed that way for three days, before letting loose a one-noter and bobs yer uncle. Don't fret it, pay attention to detail, set your traps and have confidence in your own ability.
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