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for the majority of my fising i use kryston hooklinks. i often use mantis and have found it a good hooklink for fishing near snags because it is coated. what breaking strain should i be using for a hooklink such as mantis when the biggest carp in the lake is mid forties. also i have used silkworm for a method feeder. can you use this hooklink for normal hair rigs and pop-up rigs - what breaking strain again with 40lb+ fish. if anyone knows of better hooklinks for hair rigs please let me know, as i am not sure what ones to use with so many on the market.

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Have never used the brands you mentioned, I use amnesia hooklink with dacron for the hair, breaking strain is 7.something kg which equates to around 15 - 16lb, have had a 25.5lb common on this with another 18lb of weed (weighed the weed after returning the fish as there was so much around it I had to see how much that weighed lol) have never had a snap off on the hoolink ever and only 2 snap offs this year both on the mono mainline and both by swans flying through my line coming in to land whilst I had fish on :x


If you clutch is set right and you're not fishing heavy snags, i'd have every confidence of landing 40's + on my current hooklink

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i use the 15lb versions of both mantis and silkworm and both are more than adequate for 40lb+ fish.

use mantis in 25lb when you require stiffer presentation although personally i use ghost flurocarbon.


i dont use silkworm in less than 15lb after i had a few fish damaged in the mouth area when using fox mega silk when fishing a lake with an abundance of silkweed.

great presentation but hey the carp come first......

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I'm still using braids and Coated Braids.


Supersilk in 14lb, very thin, although white when new takes on the colour of the bottom,


Merlin 15lb, Excellent for my Pop-up rigs when I need to use them,


Mantis and Mantis Gold in 15lb. To specifically match the colour of the lakebed I'm Fishing at the moment.


Current target fish in the Reservoir are up to mid forties or more.


When Ritchie Macdonald landed Basil from Yateley he was actually using 6lb line from memory. Not that I'd recommend it, but if you play a fish carefully it will handle it.


The way I look at it is a particular Breaking strain will actually take up to 4times its own strength in weight.


Not particularly scientific I know, but it works for me. I think it comes down to something I read somewhere.

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