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    Twig Rig

    Cant see how that would help, there is alot of hooklinks out there that will be much less visable
  2. rkk


    does anyone use the Nash Holigun rods?
  3. rkk


    what do you think about the quality of Nash products? Does anyone use nash rods or any other Nash products? The reason i ask is that a mate said they make rubbish tackle and rods etc. and they are not as well made as other companys!! iv always found them fine! What you think?
  4. diffrent situations need diffrent size boilies. and some carp will prefere a certain size. but 15mm is a good size all round
  5. iv seen leadcore with the korda lead clip already on it ..... is this the way tp buy it. its £3.50?????????
  6. rkk


    for the majority of my fising i use kryston hooklinks. i often use mantis and have found it a good hooklink for fishing near snags because it is coated. what breaking strain should i be using for a hooklink such as mantis when the biggest carp in the lake is mid forties. also i have used silkworm for a method feeder. can you use this hooklink for normal hair rigs and pop-up rigs - what breaking strain again with 40lb+ fish. if anyone knows of better hooklinks for hair rigs please let me know, as i am not sure what ones to use with so many on the market.
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