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I have been a avid match angler for many years and back in the early 1990's owned a tackle shop in Ballinasloe Co Galway. Although I still fish matches I am tending to enjoy Carp fishing more and more. My luggage is predominantly NGT and I consider it to be equally as good as the 'big' brand names. Rods are Sonik and reels Ockuma both of which serve me well. I am thinking of changing my bite alarms to NGT GTS. If anyone has used and reviewed them please let me know your thoughts.



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Not used them but they will work just as good as any other alarm, I have used the super cheap brands for alarms had the stillwater brand they worked for years also had one of the grandslam alarms can't fault it works perfect. That one cost less than a tener.

A lot of carp kit was once only sold by a few known brands and they are trusted the only problem is they use that trust to sell overpriced kit there is no reason on earth a carp angler needs those 300 a set alarms.

Welcome to the forums don't skimp on bait prices you really do get what you pay for with bait.

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