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Does anybody use JAG "Safeliner" bobbins????......

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Been offered a set of three really cheap by a mate. Too cheap to resist actually.....:lol:

Just a question on the "JAG" isotopes that are available for these.

They come encased in an acrylic sleeve that helps protect them, and fits the bobbin's body perfectly. JAG say that this acrylic sleeve actually helps increase the isotopes perceived brightness. 

Is this the case, or is it bull****?

Just trying to find out how bright they are in relation to other isotopes.


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I have a set of the black ones. They're brilliant for slack line/close in work, not so good for distance or tight line angling.

Can't answer your question about the isotopes as I fitted normal ones in mine by placing them in cut down clear PVC tubing to increase their diameter to fill the void in the bobbins.

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Well they've arrived, and bearing in mind they are blue, (which aren't as bright as green), they are fine. Look quite funky!!

There is a small amount of room left in the body, so to give them a little more weight I am going to feed a tiny amount of tungsten putty into the bottom of them which will help, failing that I will attach a Fox Edges kwik-change weight to the cord tight to the base, which will work and won't look too odd.



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