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thought id share my creepy crawlys. the best bit im actually petrified of anything with 8 legs lol


firstly my burgandy goliath bird-eating tarantula, still a baby at the moment but can grow to 25cm, her name is freya.




and secondly my much smaller Chilean rose tarantula who my daughter named barbie lol.



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Super cool! I used to have a red rump and a zebra, red rump called Boris very docile and "friendly" the zebra was mighty aggressive so got named Begbie aka trainspotting

Would love a Goliath! What do you feed her? What will you feed her when fully grown?


Am currently in Cyprus on hols and this is the best I've spotted so far, about the size of a USB stick...




Have seen bigger before though.


Found this critter on the first night...



Oh and my boy caught this...



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hope you are enjoying your holiday mate!


love the praying mantis and if i see that spider in the first pic running around the room id be hiding under the blankets while the missus deals with it.


at the moment she is a sub adult, still bigger than most normal tarantulas, she currently destroys large locusts and dubai roaches, she will eat 5 in one sitting is i let her. as for when she gets bigger ill be feeding much the same tbh, ill give her pinky (frozen mice) once a month as a treat but that sort of thing if fed to regular will cause more issues than its worth in some of the larger tarantulas. im currently looking to get the goliath birtd eater, its the largest in the world, mine is the second largest in the world. there are a few bird eating species out there that will all reach over 20cm.

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Lol, think you Southerners are more used to our slithery friends than I would be for certain. Never seen a snake in the wild in nearly 50 years ,blimey I'm bad enough with rats you can keep your snakes thank you very much.

I was fishing a local club lake near me a few years ago. It's in the middle of a nice housing estate, so no night fishing.


In the middle of the day, I saw something moving across the water. Initially, I thought it was a small rat, but the shape wasn't right. As it swam past my swim, no further than 5m out, I could clearly see that it was a snake. Not sure if it was grass or adder, but I suspect it was the latter.


My parents had an adder resident in their garden years ago. They're not really a problem to be honest. I would just recommend that you avoid treading on them. Apparently they don't like it.

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