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1 hour ago, monkey_climber said:

Even if your camera can't take an intervalometer, you should be able to install 'Magic Lantern' on your Canon. I have been using this for a few years now and it is absolutely spot on. It is essentially 3rd party software that you install on your memory card and it opens up a load of extra features on your camera such as an intervalometer amongst other things.

I generally use a 50mm equivalent lens (so 35mm on a crop sensor camera like yours) and use the aperture priority setting with an Av of around 5.6 and let the camera decide shutter speed for me. (this is obviously variable depending on light levels but is a good starting point). I set magic lantern's intervalometer to take a picture every 4 seconds and autofocus before every shot. I then go back through and delete all but the decent ones.

One thing that is super helpful is having the twisty/flip screen so that I can line up the shot before getting the fish on the mat but I don't think the 4000d has that feature.

A couple of example pics done with this method and an old/cheap Canon 600d with kit lens below.

This video (from 4mins in) should give enough info to get you started with magic lantern. 


Splinter - 19lb.JPG


Thanks for the info mate, il give it a watch and see how I get on.

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On 14/05/2021 at 16:28, Its-grim-up-north said:

Hi lads, my mate has an old camera there what he doesn’t use. It’s a Nikon D60. I was wondering if anyone knows if there is an intervalometer that can be used with it. I’ve put a pic up of the ports that are on the camera.


I think that looks like an intervalometer port mate, 👍 have a look on amazon for the make and model intervalometer should find one fairly cheap 

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