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Chod Rig advice


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While I agree that on casting the bottom bead should in theory stop the rig sliding down towards the lead, it may actually slide down towards the lead anyway under pressure during the fight from a fish


Nick in my experience the hook length always slides towards the lead every time I've had a fish on,and always use tail rubbers next to lead to combat it

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have to agree mick. i tend to use the avid chod bead and this always slides down on fish capture but never had any problems on the cast. usually run on a nash lead free leader.


Keith, it was Mick who showed me those Avid Chod Beads. They work very well for me, cleverly designed kit. As is a lot of what Avid have to offer. Unlike you, I never use any form of leader, my silt/chod rigs run on the mainline.



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