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belgium waters to fish


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On 11/12/2011 at 23:38, suffolksniper said:

am doing blues 1 in sumer 12 any info reports on this water or any others in belgium would be most welcome/rivers /canals / lakes

Well here's hoping someone knows a bit more about Belgium now!!! 

One off my bucketlist., I'd love to go & fish for a few days before or after the F1, which is the last weekend of August. 

I've looked at blues Lake, very nice but very busy.

Does anyone know of any good carp lakes in that part of the world? 


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So paid over a bag for my 12 year old son and myself for 3 days at the Belgian grand prix end of July next year.

Bucket list job 50th.

I'm well excited as its 2 birds, 1 stone.

Carp fishing abroad for the first time and visiting a gp weekend that has always produced some great racing.

I have 2 angling mate's saying they're up for it.

We're torn between trekking up and down the canals (TBH sounds like too much hard work) for 4 of us to get swims. Or trying to get a decent lake with at least a shower and a few commons to 40+.

I'm not expecting much as this thread has been dead for over 6 years. But I'd appreciate any thoughts or recommendations from anyone that's been over there.


Thanks in advance 

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Good thing about Belgium is it’s only 1/2 hour out of the train tunnel.

there is a canal in adinkerke (sp) where most of the brits go on a booze/Fag cruise.

I have a friend who is from Belgium but he has been on the missing list for 6 months or so.

I could ask him for a few ideas but he’s not an angler so could be hit or miss 


this could be a good starting point 


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