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best tips for cuttle mill

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Not that i've fished there but last i heard ( like over a year ago probably ), the zig rule's were 6 inch off the deck maximum. There were a lot been foul hooked apparantly because everyone was on them.



never foul hooked using a zig? :? the whole lake must have been doing it?

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last time i went it there was a 12 inch zig rule, as for bait, SAS, B5, and the legendary CM1 (what they dont sell anymore) and dont be fooled by the whole "chuck it in the middle" rule that every1 does, some of the un-numbered pegs are corkers, eg, the pads and nevilles, oh and i know roy dont work there no more so i dont think the cafe is there (could be wrong)

top tip

if that big mahoosive ridgeback wonders round to your peg trying to skank food.... just give it him !!!! :lol:

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