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  1. buy there bait the fish see lots of it compared to other baits 18 inch zigs and regularly fire the boilies over the zig every half hour or so, has worked for me in the past.
  2. not been for 3 weeks but I know that they hadn't spawned 3 weeks ago.
  3. as stated the rig looks a waste of time I like trying new rigs just to see if they are any good there are definitely better rigs out there in my opinion!
  4. cheers mate I know its 7ft down that end was unsure of the depth nearest the car park going to do 24 hours on monday see what happens
  5. does anyone know how its been fishing? have just got over an op so looking to get out on Monday! been confined to the 4 walls has stopped me from getting up there and asking around, also does anyone know where the deeper water is on the lake?
  6. gardner choddy nice out turned eye gives it a more aggressive angle to hook into the lip than the wide gape in my opinion
  7. you have to apply in writing mate no contact number for them TICKETS Details on prices and availability of permits are obtained by applying to Alvis Angling Club, PO Box 2617, Nuneaton CV10 7Y. Permits run from 1st May till 31st March. CONTACT Karl Sparrow
  8. whats the stock in there then mate? had a walk around the other week no one fishing it top end of the lake looks hard to fish, but round by the island looks carpy!
  9. not sure mate i know it was 14 last year but the prices have gone up now
  10. going hopsfordhall next friday after work for 24 hours if anyone fancies it? pm me if you do
  11. try and go in the week if you can alot of people turn up Friday night and are there for the weekend you have no chance most weekends as it is rammed in the week isn't as bad still get a few on there though
  12. your not supposed to park on any swim mate hence the big log which is in the way to stop people doing it lol
  13. in the close vacinity you have minerals lots of big fish bit of a muddy puddle though or you have haopsford which again has alot of 20+ fish with 2 known 30's in there aswel
  14. wouldn't bother with the place to be honest, is ok as a backup water if your first choices are full but over the last few years it seems they have had fish stolen yet the owner nick will tell you theres 40's in there! and he would rather build a cabin rather than sort his stock out!
  15. yeah maybe a runs water mate for someone who is starting out, try and keep it fun for them. My mate wanted to run before he could walk so took him to bluebells and he was bored to death, told him to learn how to catch carp first and enjoy the sport before trying to tackle hard waters.
  16. sods law was over there this afternoon aswel will give them a buzz tomorrow, thanks for the info Ian, that one at aston hall looks a nice water, will have alook at penns lake now
  17. Thanks Ian, any idea of the stock and price for the syndicate?
  18. see what you mean Ian not alot of water for the money, don't mind paying that for cuttle mill as it has its history and you know that the fish are in there looks a nice place and everything but not really my cup of tea!
  19. anybody know of any others in the surrounding areas to cov?
  20. Ian any chance of the pm please mate, have been thinking of trying this place myself?
  21. looks more like a match fishery to me with the way the lakes have been designed
  22. hey mate, did you manager to find a syndicate with in a 20 mile radius of Cov?
  23. Hey mate, Yeah love hopsford but me and my mate are looking for a syndicate water with in half hour drive of cov thought that place might of fitted the bill, will carry on looking though thanks for the advice.
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