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  1. Hi guys, thanks for the replys, I will give them a try tomorrow when I get to the lake. Thanks again Speersy
  2. Hi guys, Was after a bit of advice a lake I am fishing is aprox 15 acres mainly silt and weed with a limited amount of gravel around, I want to stay clear of the gravel as everyone fishes to the gravel patches, so my question is if I am markering up in the silt how is the best way to feel for good silt? Should I be looking for something in particular? Thanks in advance Speersy
  3. I was at the Ricoh show on Sunday listening to the guys from free spirit and someone bought up the question about the size of the butt ring and I also spoke to Sonik about the butt ring aswel, and the opinion from both rod manufacturers was that there was very minimal difference between the 40 and 50 mm butt rings, personally I think this has come from Danny Fairbass who is always harping on about having a bigger butt ring but the opinion of the rod makers are completely different it appears
  4. I've just bought the SK4's got them second hand 3 for £210 off ebay they look great and feel great, will be using them next month as I have bought them for long range work.
  5. buy there bait the fish see lots of it compared to other baits 18 inch zigs and regularly fire the boilies over the zig every half hour or so, has worked for me in the past.
  6. good tip for the luncheon meat will keep that in mind thanks
  7. quite a good catch rate on echo pools, but you would expect that if that if there is a lot going in, still nice to know though think I am going to spend a season with there baits next year
  8. thanks for all the feed back guys, think i will consider the T1 for next season as I haven't done to well on the some of the baits i usually use this year, so maybe time for a change in baits
  9. the company is called baitcraft just wondering if anyone had used these before, their seems to be loads of little bait companies popping up never seem to know if they are any good?
  10. have a look on ebay for job lots have seen stuff on there before all korda, gardner and nash stuff worth alook maybe?
  11. Same I swear he rubs his hands together when I walk through the door lol
  12. Hi Guys, was after a bid of advice I am selling my bait boat so I can upgrade my rods, at the minute I am struggling for any feel in my rods when feeling the leads down, so I am looking for some rods which will improve this side of my fishing aswel as some rods which will help me to get a bit of extra distance at the minute I am just about hitting 90 yards and could do with hitting 100 - 120 yards so I can get on to a feature, I am currently using Daiwa 5000 Emblem Pro's for my reels, so I would prefer to have Daiwa rods and reels but if its going to compomise my fishing then I will take other rods into consideration also my budget is £150 per rod. Thanks in advance Speersy
  13. not been for 3 weeks but I know that they hadn't spawned 3 weeks ago.
  14. thats not always true an established bait can also be seen as a dangerous bait if every one and there dog is using it and the fish are getting caught alot on the established bait, I have been at lakes in the past and people come round to me giving it the 'your wasting your time using that bait you need to get on this bait (normally with a smug look on there face) normally mainline' boilies, whilst watching other anglers scratching there heads and wondering why i am catching on an 'alien' bait proved this over many waters
  15. Thanks mate won 2 out of that mag now, thanks for that
  16. like its been said before you take a chance anywhere you go for your gear to be nicked whilst snoozing, i've been linear and haven't had any problems maybe I was just lucky, my fishing tackle is fully covered on the best policy I can get so I know if the unthinkable happens I will be covered for everything, obviously no one wants this to happen, but look at it from a thiefs perspective why would they want to break into a house to nick a tv worth 500 quid when theres some rods, reels, alarms and what ever else they can lay there hands on with no security what so ever, if you think about it, its actually an easy meal ticket for them, unfortunatley for us
  17. probably not if you can get 10 Kilo of boilies for 70 quid
  18. food for thought alot of people will be on fishmeal type boilies this time of year (not all but the majority I see are on the new grange etc) a more fruity flavour might work well due to being different to everyone else?
  19. speersy


    very true this forum has helped me no end get back in to fishing after a 10 year break and hopefully the tips can help other people get back into fishing (only if they go in the week mind
  20. speersy


    Yes mate Smiths especially is a beautiful lake I was lucky to have no one with in an acre and a half of me as all the pressure was going with the wind so was very tranquille aswel as pictruesqe, yes definetly take the marker rod with you there are clear spots there to be found don't give up just keep searching. try and steer clear of the pressure if you can (I know it can be hard) Hardwick lake is a completely different ball game the weed in there can be very thick and tall in places but if you find the plateaus which I believe are in the middle at about 80 yrds range, I moved back onto smiths after only a few hours on Hardwick as I just wasn't getting the feeling as i did on smiths. All the best to you to
  21. speersy


    I wouldn't of thought that either Hardwick or Smiths are a margin water both lakes have features to aim for clear patches in the weed silt patches clay humps, plateaus etc infact on a recent 72 hour session all of my fish came from a silt patch the only bleep i got from the magins was a swan but that is my own personal experience some people may of caught from the margins.
  22. I was trying to picture the lake mate was relevant to me could of been a puddle in the ground with a 100 fish would of been easy to locate, or could of had 50 fish in a 100 acre lake would be harder to locate the fish also you could taget using maggots but if their are alot of nuisance fish then I would avoid maggots, if their are gravel patches in a silty lake maybe put baits on these patches etc etc. so what I was asking wasn't irrelevant I was trying to help him in more depth other than, find the carp and feed them!
  23. whats the stock and size of the lake also do you know if it is a silt bottom, clay bottom gravel etc? how deep roughly is the lake?
  24. speersy

    "The Homecoming"

    probably the best write up i've read thought I was their with ya for a minute!
  25. Hi Mike, Thanks for the info, I know my Grandad had his tackle stolen stuff he had had for 25+ years aswel and I know he didn't need any reciepts either so I can't understand why they are asking my friend for reciepts as you are an underwriter do you know if their is away round not having reciepts and his historic bank statements not showing anythin other than type of sale and the amount? by the sounds of it their is no standard of practice each company have different ways of dealing with claims apparantly him in the picture with his fishing tackle doesn't make a blind bit of difference either Have even said if they need me as a witness for knowing that the tackle was his then I would do that aswel. the only thing I can think of is maybe some companies have had fraudulent claims in the past and are asking for proof of purchase now but even so having reciepts of things over 12 months old in my opinion are pretty rare as the warranty would of ran out so no need to keep them. Lee
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