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  1. ive had the jrc roamer only problem was that the top section would not always pull off then bought the fox trigger lock, no bad comments on the fox from me mate
  2. if i was you i would look for a decent second hand kit off fleabay. personally if i was travelling on public transport then id get a 3 rod sling like chub, two rods and the third rod compartment for a landing net and sticks and a backpackpack like the the aqua 75l to carry everything else in. why the DF rods? why the fox tackle box? chair? be-hind? hooklink? what and where you fishing?
  3. Forget baitboats and take a leaf out our gold medalist and row your own bait out? Are you fishing snags range etc? If you you fishing extreme range then go on a chinese carp site?
  4. Im a natural, Born blanker!
  5. theres no answer to this question mate!
  6. good answers, just thoght id ask, rig mechanics can be confusing
  7. yeah defonately gary, and as always your rigs are very neat, but will the tubinig still coil between the points of the coiled weight or even worse cause an arch?
  8. is this a cheaper option? maybe used with soldering iron instead of out of leadcore?
  9. back to the future, Doc, interesting read that keenok, enjoyed it. will def try as i need all the help i can at the minute! like you said about confidence in a bait, i aint at the minute
  10. Your catching mate so stick at it, I werent knockin you. The reasons of single bait, pva, stringers, spodding etc go to far without the knowin more details, keep on catching. Bud
  11. So who has the rights to this lake? Drove past it many times and ive always wondered? Also opposite the road, back end of billing there appears to be another very large lake?
  12. Why put 4 boilies in your pva bag then randomly throw handfulls out? And that question goes to ant82! Sorry I forgot to "quote"
  13. Why, if your's are as good as your saying? Just wondering Beat me to it bez, im sure he has a valid reason tho!
  14. Wouldnt trust digital, would rather trust my good old reubens. To add to my last point, why would you need digital? Bad eye sight? Also I thought about getting the reuben hunter, with back light but thought why the back light? Surely if your fishing at night you will have a head torch? This thread had made me me think of another thread that should be started?
  15. If your strong and can hold the fish up pretty steady then dials ( which I use! ) if you have limp wrists then digital
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