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  1. cracker mate, cant wait til my lads old enough
  2. del, ive been off line for a while (slack lining! sorry!) why do you prefere tight lines as apposed to slack lines and the lengthy bombardment of appraisal and reasoning that nick and many others give? must admit that since 1992 til last year i have always caught fish on tight lines then last year after reading about slacklines and the benefits i fished slack lines, my catch rate was ok but i was not at all confident and that is probably why i never caught as many as i should??? i think i am a person of what a simple mind, decent rig, decent bait, decent water craft, and the human person with a sound mind should be able to out smart the lesser inferior carp? in my humble cider mind?
  3. i have 2 young kids and used to get out once or twice a week but cant get out at all now due to some theiving scum! went hunstanton for 10 days and returned to find back door open, mess everywhere and no fishing kit or laptop! cant swear
  4. ive had the jrc roamer only problem was that the top section would not always pull off then bought the fox trigger lock, no bad comments on the fox from me mate
  5. if i was you i would look for a decent second hand kit off fleabay. personally if i was travelling on public transport then id get a 3 rod sling like chub, two rods and the third rod compartment for a landing net and sticks and a backpackpack like the the aqua 75l to carry everything else in. why the DF rods? why the fox tackle box? chair? be-hind? hooklink? what and where you fishing?
  6. Forget baitboats and take a leaf out our gold medalist and row your own bait out? Are you fishing snags range etc? If you you fishing extreme range then go on a chinese carp site?
  7. Sorry to hear that mate, what colour is it? I am an avid cat hater so will keep my eyes open, if its the one that thinks my veg patch is a litter tray then you will hve to pay postage to have him returned, in bits!
  8. Oh rite, word of advice, dont wazz on it then!
  9. Dont think a fence would even make them batter an eye lid! If they know theres fish in there, they wil dine there then move to the next lake
  10. Im a natural, Born blanker!
  11. Did two days at billing on the river with the family, no monsters just some nice sized perch. Although at 6 in the morning on the way to the shops for milk I had to land and picture some chaps carp capture, swearword!!!
  12. Otters are a problem in most if not all regions now and im pretty sure a fence wont keep the pests out!
  13. It plays subliminal messages over and over, agnum fo stol dops tsum, agnum fo stol dops tsum, akkup, akkup !
  14. Good answer, it just baffles me when people say " theres only 10 fish in this pit! " ! ? !
  15. Cal me padantic but how on earth do you know there are 40 fish in 150 acres!!!
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