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now i know this sounds daft but.....the raving boilie


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carp are v inquisitive etc etc

was wandering about inserting a lit isotope through a boilie

so it would be 90 deg to the hair just had a measure up with a 15mm and the ends of the isotope were protruding about 1mm out of boilie it looks great

has anyone had a go at this before? would it cause any probs to the fish?

can anyone think of reasons for it to be a no no

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A few lads do that on my lake, they use zigs at night with a isotope through the middle, they seem to catch a few on it aswell ? I've never tried it though.


Suppose you could get a bit of black foam and insert one through the middle? Might work, not sure how safe it is for the fish though saying that, I'm ok with it as the liquid shouldn't leak? But it might so do some tests first mate in a small bowl at home?



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Guest keenook
Enterprise do a glow in the dark corn that can be charged up with a special torch. Will work better and be safer for the fish imo :idea:


Sounds like a much safer option to me...

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Guest Anonymous

Bang one out on a spot at night as a single with no freebies, if some of the cagey fish I dangle for are happy to try them I'm sure you'll do ok

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